There are three colors in the American flag, not two. It’s time for a permanent end to the Republican-Democratic, two party dictatorship in the U.S.A.! A third party is needed to counterbalance the other two. At least, if anything, it is needed to represent the center in order to offer balance between the right and left dominator parties.

All voices need to be heard in a supposedly free country. All political parties in the U.S. need to be heard on all the major media, both in print and over the airwaves. Currently, other alternative voices are not heard. Is this the idea of freedom in America? Only the selected voices are allow to speak? I thought there was “Freedom of Speech”. Well, not really, unless you tow the two-party line and even then you have to conform to their idea of freedom of speech.

In Brazil, by no means a perfect country, at all, which needs major, major changes in many, many ways, there is a plurality of parties. Mostly, they are all heard on the major media here. Yes, more than two parties are heard on the airwaves here in Brazil. Surely, there, probably, are too many parties in Brazil, but, at least, there are more than two voices. How can the U.S. say that it is the bastion of “Free Speech” when there are only two voices heard, the Republican and the Democratic who are the only parties allowed to voice their opinions on through the major media. Other voices are not heard accept through the alternative media, but even through the alternative media we don’t hear too many voices accept for the usual suspects, communists and socialist, maybe, once a while, the Green Party. That’s it! So much for variety.

I challenge the U.S. to be the defender and propagator of true freedom of speech.

I, also, challenge Brazil to be, in fact, the defender of all the people of Brazil, all the way up from the favelas to the stratospheric wealthy in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

It’s time Brazil invested in its own happiness and prosperity for ALL, not just for the few. The same goes for the U.S. government. The U.S. needs to be true to its word, written in the Constitution: “. . . to promote the general Welfare . . . to ourselves and and our Posterity, . . . ” (welfare = health, happiness, and good fortune; well-being*). It’s very clear nowadays that many interpret this to mean that the general Welfare is really only for the wealthy, the privileged and the elite as that is who really benefits in the U.S. and this world. It’s clearly seen because, especially, now it has become self-evident. Those who benefit in the U.S. are mostly the few, not the many. I’m not saying that everyone needs be in the stratospheric levels of wealth. I’m just saying that poverty, a creation of humanity, should not even exist! One only needs to observe the natural environment where humans have not infected Mother Nature with its disease of the mind.

There is no such thing as poverty in the natural world!

Even the “worst” places on the planet are rich, rich and abundant in mineral and other forms of wealth. Even a desert, for example, is extremely rich!  In silicon, at least!

The PEOPLES of this planet are supposed to be their country. If all are not prosperous, at different levels of economic income, then we truly have a sick country and a sick planet. In my case, two very sick countries. Basically, both the U.S. and Brazil, meaning their systems and their governments, are only interested in three things:

  1. Money
  2. Power
  3. Control.

These are the government’s and the system’s Holy Trinity. And I mean holy, such as sacred. These two countries, like most others, are wholly interested in those three things, mainly.

In both of these two countries it is the PEOPLE who need to be the real power, not the elected officials.

If they were, there would be no poverty, only a simple, dignified way of life at the lowest levels. Simplicity with dignity never hurt anyone, poverty, for sure, has, does and always will. Poverty is the failure of the the whole country to take care of itself. Poverty is failure. Poverty is the fallout from a human-created-economic atom / hydrogen bomb.

Mother Nature, by herself, without humanity, is wealth beyond belief. All the creatures, even so-called primitive cultures are rich in their view, in general, except for “civilized” human beings. They know how to create true poverty. They are very, very good at creating that.

Saying these things, I’m not talking about Communism or any form of system that would make everyone equal, especially, in wealth because not everyone is truly equal in abilities and intelligence. However, that said, everyone, as human beings, is truly equal at needing the basics of life, i.e., good housing, good education, good health care, etc., the basics for survival and dignity, especially, DIGNITY. I’m talking about a truly fair and just world where poverty simply does not exist, at all.

POVERTY is violence against the weak, a way to control the masses and the reason for cheap labor to exist in a purely Capitalist world that glorifies the need to give low wages in order to gain much more profitability. That Capitalism has managed to keep slavery alive but in a new form is beyond belief and comprehension. Profit trumps giving workers a dignified, living wage. Capitalism, in its current glorified form, is a purely destructive system, both for people, in general, the workers and for the natural environment.

I’m not in favor of any current system in this world. Capitalism, Communism, and Socialism are the best this world can do. There are many countries doing better than the U.S. but don’t tell that to the U.S. They will deny it. They don’t want to know about anything other than America. I’m speaking in general about the U.S. There are always exceptions to the norm in America but they are not heard. However, any system that creates or allows poverty, for even one person, in this world, is a damaged system. Period, full stop!

There is a quote, very well known, in the Christian Western world which says: “For ye have the poor always with you . . . ” [Matthew 26:11] This quote, in many ways, is used to justify financial poverty, forever, in this world. The world, basically, has interpreted this type of poverty as a natural occurring result of a person’s choice in life.

However, the quote can be interpreted in another way; it can mean poverty of the spirit, poverty of the soul, meaning stinginess, meanspiritedness, and selfishness. There’s plenty of that in this world; enough to go around for everyone.

The way this planet operates in the creation of poverty is the “wonderful” way humanity on this tiny speck of “dust”‘, this tiny virtual “nothingness”, in the vast ocean of outer space. What a great and wonderful place to be! We truly are a “shining example”, a truly “shining city on a hill”. We have all the knowledge possible now to be totally different yet the world continues “shining” with systems based mostly, still, on newer and newer forms of slavery. Slavery is the game of this world.

Our world, our planet, needs an entirely new economic and political system which is truly just and, especially, truly good for everyone, not just the very, very few. If the above scriptural quote continues to be interpreted in its purely economic, financial meaning, then, surely, there will be poverty forever on this planet.

It’s time the world changed and changed now, not tomorrow, but from now on, beginning in 2018.

Governments always change things extremely slowly, especially, when it comes to changing things for the People. However, when it benefits the elected representatives themselves and, especially, when it comes to their own pay increases and benefits, there is virtually no waiting. Also, to help criminal friends of the government, their criminal associates and colleagues and, also, the stratospherically wealthy few on this planet, nothing is impossible! It will happen! It will change! However, when it comes to the People at large, the Governments need to debate, discuss and delay and then delay even more. If the People then cannot withstand their life and then begin to pressure the Government so much so that the Government can’t stand it either, then and only then will the Government have to change in order to prevent any negative consequences. Then, the Governments do something! Only then do Governments change radically.

Real change that benefits everyone always has to come from the bottom up. What is detrimental, for sure, comes from the top down. Governments are not going to do the truly fair and good things for the People, unless, there is some great benefit to the wealthy and powerful. It is not what Governments do, ever! If there is any good to be done there has to be strong strings attached, usually involving more wealth and power for the few. Governments are not to serve the People but make the People serve theirs and the wealthy few’s interests. The wealth and powerful always use the language of Patriotism, God and Country. There may be some exceptions, to this rule. I’m speaking generally about what Governments do and have always done. Rulers, generally, will only do what is fair and just if pressured from below up, never from above down.

Both, Brazil and the U.S.A., need to add to their country’s Constitution the Right to “Freedom From Poverty”. Especially, since both countries are listed as among the top 10 countries rich in natural resources.

Remember, always: Rights are not rights if someone or some government can take them away. They are merely privileges.

“Know yourself and you will know the Gods and the Universe” — The Oracle at Delphi


Note: (February 14, 2018) – I really do think that both in the U.S. and Brazil, everyone, and I mean 100% of the people, should not vote anymore. In Brazil voting is mandatory, whereas, in the U.S., it is not. Usually, only 50%, more or less, depending on the election in the U.S., do not vote. So, in Brazil, because it is mandatory by law, then everyone should just vote for no one, i.e., a blank vote. In the U.S., everyone that votes should not even go to the polls. Let’s see how long the governments would last if that happened. Maybe, they would begin to pay attention, just maybe. I think, at first, they would just turn to violence to solve the problem. I doubt that not voting would do anything anyway. However, it would surely send a clear message that the People just do not care who is in power because whoever is in power is just going to do what they and their criminal friends want anyway. Voting is a useless waste of time in modern life. Governments are a thing of the past, not the bureaucracy part of it but the supposed “leaders” in power are. We know what they want. They want more for themselves and less and less and less for everyone else. It’s getting more and more self-evident.

We now have the technological tools to really make the world democratic where, in reality, all the people rule as one, not a republican system of “leaders”. Sooner or later, Republics will not exist anymore. People, one day, will wake up and realize they do not need representatives because representatives only represent themselves and their criminal organizations. The age of computers and many forms of technology is here now. The future is now. A new world can exist. It’s possible more than ever.

As a victim of the pharmaceutical and psychiatric scam industry I can say with all honesty that these two industries would rather push their toxic form of drug therapy instead of having alternative forms of treatment which would be non-toxic and much, much better than the drugs they recommend. Their drugs are truly destructive. Just look at their ingredients and their side effects. How can any doctor know about all of the possible combinations of all the drugs people use along with their toxic side effects. Also, with all the toxic chemicals in the environment and how can any doctor say with complete authority that they know what causes depression. They say that it is a chemical imbalance in the brain. What? You mean a chemical imbalance with all the pollution of chemicals from the pharmaceutical companies and also the chemicals in the food we eat and the chemical used in agriculture along with all the chemicals that are dumped around the world in the environment today? Do you think any doctor or psychiatrist can say with complete authority that they know all the possibilities and combinations of all these chemicals? Really? Of course, they don’t.

Their solution to depression, of course, is simple, fast and easy. It’s a chemical pill. More pollution. The psychiatrists, in general, need do no work, at all, just write a prescription and do periodic checkups which amount to really no therapy, at all. I know from personal experience, both in the U.S. and Brazil because this is exactly what happened to me. This world of psychiatrists and their toxic chemical solutions is the same in both countries. Writing a prescription is infinitely an easier and cheaper solution. Plus, you don’t have to deal with all these people and their problems. Let the chemical solution solve it in a jiffy!


To the pharmaceutical and psychiatric industry

This is what I want to say, Without Words:


Why can’t an organic, natural, medicinal herb, known for thousands and thousands of years to be non-toxic and, also, known not to have caused any death in all of its history be the temporary solution. While a person goes through verbal therapy and healing in order to face one’s inner demons, darkness and emotional, spiritual problems this herb could be used to help in depression. One main cause of people’s depression, in our current world of toxicity from chemical and mental pollution, mostly, is because the world and the people in it are totally dysfunctional and polluted both physically and mentally just as the world is polluted.

After years and years of going in and out of psychiatric treatment, I finally decided to get off the hamster wheel and cure myself because I came through the painful realization that no one and nothing was going to do it if I didn’t make a change and take charge to control my own life and happiness. So, I did!

I didn’t have any natural, organic, medicinal herb that would really help. Now, especially, this one medicinal herb would be so helpful. Because it is illegal, over the years, the process of curing myself on my own was, and continues to be, a very painful process to go through without help from anyone.

If cannabis sativa, preferably organic, were legal, it would have been much easier to deal with depression. Also, if I had had real, drugless therapy with a psychologist, a real psychologist, it would have been much better knowing that I had some human support, but I didn’t! I didn’t and I still don’t have the money for it or the money for insurance so I was on my own. I still am.

The reason cannabis sativa or indica is illegal is that it would be a major competitor for the two above industries that do not want this, at all. The other thing, too, is that the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (the F.D.A.) has classified the plant as a Schedule I drug meaning it has “no currently accepted medical use.” Lie after lie is propagated about this relatively harmless plant. Alcohol is much, much more dangerous and toxic and yet it is legal. Even tobacco, which is deathly, is just fine! No problem! No problem, at all!

This is because we live in a so-called “free world” as everyone knows. It means, we cannot ingest anything we want unless we ask Mommy and Daddy (Mommy, for me, being the Brazilian government and Daddy, the U.S.A. government). Mommy and Daddy only want me to do what they say I must do or must do, i.e., don’t smoke cannabis. It’s illegal, you know. Nature provides, Humans deny!

So I’m “free”, right? I live in a free country! I know, by reason and logic, that  I should be able to do anything! As long as it does not harm anyone. That’s logical but prohibition is not! That is why both countries are infested with uncontrolled “illegal” drugs and crime. There are countries now that are proving that prohibition does not work and never has. It creates much worse problems than it solves.

My view and the view of some is that governments are involved in the trafficking of these prohibited drugs because there is a lot of money to be made by the traffickers, the police and other authorities.


The Real Cause of Depression Has Been Completely Overlooked