When it’s my time to move on

To another life

Than on this planet

Perhaps, in a 100,000 light years

I may return

To see if any progress was made

However, I really doubt it


The most advanced minds


Can do nothing

But hope

That the idiocy of the planet’s leaders

Will evolve to, at least, stupidity

And after that

Maybe, it will begin to show

Signs of improvement



Educating Idiots


What has been done to most of us and continues to be done to most of us is the reality I know in my own mind because I’m still trying to unlearn the lies that were inculcated into me from an early age like freedom, democracy and justice. These are only for the wealthy and powerful who have unlimited access to unlimited wealth. The lie(s) of this world, when awakening, is like coming out of a deep, deep sleep and, then, seeing the real and the true horror show of this world for the first time as what it really is, in my view. It’s humanity’s reality that we have all created together whether consciously or not and it always has been and, maybe, will always be, as long as the majority accept the deep lie(s) and the deep hypnosis under which we live, in general.