Watch the video on the C.F.R. contained in this video.

If you don’t know what the C.F.R. is, see the description further down.


The Narrative = Official History (A country’s history, in this case).
(What the powers want you to believe is reality through their information.)


Whether it be Globo news or NBC news, whatever, they’re all in it together now, globally, to control the common narrative we have to believe in.

Brazil’s 2018 elections, this year, should be extremely interesting.

I think 2018 will be a memorable time in Brazil’s history. The presidential outcome, this year, for sure, will be a real surprise, it seems. It’s June and, of course, we still don’t know who the actual candidates really will be. We hear stories, sometimes, but who are the official candidates? We won’t know until around August.

Here is some proof of how the world’s thinking, meaning the common people’s thinking, like you and me, is controlled.

If anything, listen to the offical C.F.R. video inside the first video at the link above where Richard Stengel, former chief editor of Time Magazine speaks at a meeting at the Council for Foreign Relations. Watch what Stengel does when the last man asks a very good and important, critical question.

If you don’t know what the C.F.R. is, you need to know. It affects everyone in this world on this planet.

“New World Order propaganda rules and shapes the world. And there’s no more powerful propagator of propaganda that rules and shapes US global hegemony, world events and major geopolitical developments than the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). On its own website, the CFR describes itself as “an independent, nonpartisan membership organization, think tank, and publisher.”Two weeks ago the powerful organization celebrated its 95thanniversary since it’s been the most influential force dictating US foreign policy throughout the 20th century chauvinistically called “the American century” right into the present 21st aptly called the New World Order century. The CFR is financed by highly endowed, tax exempt Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie foundations.” (Source:


(The full official C.F.R. video):

The above article will give insight into what dominator countries, like the United States of America, have done, still do, and will always do if the present world system does not change and take a different direction towards The Age of Cooperation and World Democracy. The Age of Domination, Conquest and Forced Compliance should be and needs to be ended by the installation of a true, authentic world-wide democracy of nations. If ALL do not agree, one nation cannot just do what it wants. True democracy means that all must do the best for all concerned on this planet. There is a saying: “If it’s not good for all, then it’s NO good at all!”
The age of slavery and domination is over, or is it?
No, it’s not!
It’s still alive in many different and varied forms. However, many just do not see or don’t want to see.

First of all, Mr. President, if anyone or any country is a shithole, it is you, Mr. Trump and the country you represent, not the average U.S. citizen. The U.S. government and the U.S. system has become just another country who continues the long tradition of exploitation in this world. There really are no free governments, there are no free countries and, for sure, there are none that are free on this planet. Even Nature is in a prison now, exploited and worked to death. When will slavery really end? I doubt it ever will because that is the name of the game. The form will change but not the essence. That’s the very nature of humanity up to now.

The few individual dominators and their families on the whole planet always seem to take much more than they give or share. How and why is that so? History has always shown that the world belongs to the dominators, the top dogs, the 1%. This will probably be the case for thousands of years to come until the masses awaken.

Well, Mr. Trump. I am a product of the U.S. and Brazil. Supposedly, to you, Brazil is a shithole country, too. However, no one could beat the top shithole country in the world! Right, Mr. Trump?

Well, let me say one thing, if it weren’t for my Brazilian mother and her example and her way of being a true simple and loving human being, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I might have become a shithole like you.

I used to not make waves. I didn’t want to stand out. I was afraid. Especially, because I am gay.

However, I’m not afraid anymore, the stakes are too high now. The planet is agonizing, the people are fed up, Nature is giving up or will react. We’ll see. Mother Nature, however, one way or another, is on her way home to clean house and check on the children. What do you think her reaction will be, Mr. President, when she  finally arrives home and see what has been done to her home? What do you think will happen?

Mr. Trump, Mr. Temer:

Shithole countries and people like you, Mr. President of the U.S. and you, Mr. President of Brazil, are the problem, not the average American or Brazilian who want peace, a decent life and happiness!

You, Mr. Trump, and your kind, are dominators, thieves, liars and above all, plain old-fashioned assholes!

You’re the kind of people I wouldn’t invited to my home. The same goes for you, Mr. Temer.

All of you and those like you in the U.S. and Brazil give Brazil and the U.S. away to your criminal friends located throughout the planet while the vast majority are struggling to find work, buy food, earn money and create a decent life. Your kind, Mr. Trump and Mr. Temer, betray your own peoples. Your kind always has and always will. The story is so old, almost, everyone knows it deep down in their heart of hearts. Your kind have been around forever, along with those who assist the dominators in their betrayal to humanity as a whole.

We, the People of the U.S. and we, the People of Brazil, are all at fault in this ancient story. We sit idly by and do nothing because it is more convenient and more comfortable than to really do anything. Plus, would it really do any good at all? It’s you Mr. Presidents of the U.S.A. and Brazil and people like you who want more for themselves and less for everyone else, no matter what the cost to everyone else is, no matter what the price to the people and the environment, as long as it doesn’t diminish each of your lions’ share in the wealth of this planet. In the case of the U.S., do you get more Mr. Trump than Mr. Temer, just because you’re from the wealthiest country in the history of the world? How did you both manage to give away and take so much? Of course, this same story has been going on forever, only the people in power are different.

Exploitation on this planet has always been the game, is always the game and, probably, will always be because men at the top of the world have, virtually, no soul, no heart and no real morals. They are Satanic and evil even if they say they are Christian. That is just fine, in their opinion. They always wear the cloak of respectability and goodness. The reality, though, is very different. They speak the language of goodness and the language of the soul but their words are really only empty words, used to hypnotize the unawakened and the unenlightened. The bottom line, for those at the top of this world, is always profit, at any cost, as long as it doesn’t cost the dominators anything of real value. Crumbs are not thrown to those below; they fall, by chance, and/or are taken by those stealthy ones near enough to the top who can get away with it or who are “allowed” to get away with it.  Just look at the destroyed areas of the U.S. and Brazil. Look at the vast numbers of people, damaged people, left behind in your wake. What your friends, Mr. Trump and Mr. Temer and those who think like you both have always done and still continue to do so always, is to play the game well enough to come out of it, virtually, unscathed. So what if a few have to die or be thrown by the wayside.

Those who elude justice in this world come out just fine, usually! There are always exceptions, however, it still is part of the game to let the people think that justice is equal for all. The shocking thing is that the dominators teach others how to do the same, always. Even if someone at the top is caught, eventually, he or she will not pay very much, not really. The prison will not be the prison of the common thief and the kind of justice received is, definitely, different than the street thief who will always pay the full price and feel the full power of the law as it is permitted. This is reality! It always has been this way. The rich pay for their justice and the middle class and poor, who do not have much, suffer the real consequences of their actions. Those above, in the world of serious wealth, will only play the part of having received “justice”. The game is that it’s all a stage show for the People to think that justice has been served and in order for them to be placated long enough to forget about it. The next group of people will come into power and play the same game. Time will move on and the game will continue after the next election and after that and so on and so on. Different faces, same criminality. Justice never has been, nor will it ever be, the same for the rich. The top tier of power never receive human justice. Never!

Look at the planet and what it has become in only in the last 100 years or so. The worst devastation and rape by humans, ever, has been done in the last 100 years or so. The dominators always take advantage of a good situation to extract, until the last drop or the last portion of anything, those available resources that bring the most money until eventually they are no longer available from where they were taken. Most of the earnings go to the dominators, at the very, very top of the pyramid. The worker is always shafted, ultimately, sooner or later. Workers are never worth anything to the dominator uneless they can be exploited as much as possibly feasible. History never fails. History repeats the same game over and over and over again. The winners always know how to continue to be winners, generation after generation after generation because the old teach their offspring extremely well and send them to the best schools money can buy.

The average worker may make gains at a certain time in history but the tide always changes, sooner or later, against the worker, against the middle class and against those who really carry out and perform the hard, boring tasks that must be done. Eventually, a machine, will replace them. What then? Where will billions and billions of people go when A.I. and machines do most of the hard labor?

The few and powerful exploiters, at the very top, dominating those who have no voice, those who are desperate for crumbs that may fall from the table, are the best bullies, the best psychopaths and the best sociopaths that floated to the top assisted by others with money. Psychopathy, or sociopathy, is a per-requisite for the job of a leader in this world.  You must be 90% mind and 10%, or much less, heart. It always has been and, perhaps, will always be so. There are always exceptions but they are few and far between.

The mediocre scum that float to the top of our governments are considered normal government officials by most people. People have been blinded and trained to believe in politicians. Every election cycle shows that clearly and the next ones will be the same thing because the People for what will keep them in chains and will continually exploit them. Unfortunately, the People, in general, are very poorly educated or unawakened or, sadly, both. Education, on this planet, is so poor at really educating the public that people are convinced that the systems in the U.S. and Brazil are perfectly normal. The People haven’t been truly educated how to think. Why should they be taught how to think. Why? They’ve been so indoctrinated and trained what to think that very, very few learn or are interested in how to think for themselves. That’s because the system of education, in general, throughout the world has been intentionally built that way. The vast majority of people, both in the U.S. and Brazil, live in a dream world, each country in a different way but, ultimately, in the same way. Whether it’s the American or Brazilian Dream you have to be asleep in order to believe it. People, in the U.S. and Brazil, every election cycle never awaken because they are dreaming. They are not awake or conscious. They have no idea, at all, of the reality behind what they see. Ultimately, no one really can know the reality behind what we see because information, real information, is carefully guarded. We must make the best guess as we can by observing reality as it is on this planet and by knowing somewhat the history of the world while observing and experiencing the reality of living in this world as we journey through life. Real knowledge will never be given to those of us below the top tier of the elite on this planet. We can only guess at what is the game of the world, the end game.  What will be the future, actually, that the very, very, very top have for the vast majority of the 7 billion people on this planet. What is the next stage for the vast majority of people now living here?

You Don’t Need a Telescope to Find a ‘Shithole Country’