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    Solution Video: Online Returns For The Clothing Retailer Industry

    Here is a woman who happened to be in the right industry and had the right experience which caused her to awaken, almost overnight. Fortunately, for the planet, she envisioned the solution through her shocking discovery, a dilemma in one of the biggest industries on the planet, the clothing industry. Here is what she discovered and her solution. She is symbolic of the type of person, in a position of power, who is leading the way to a greener planet. Solutions exist, but, not enough in powerful positions are doing anything substantial yet. The planet can be cleaned up sooner than we think but the calcified mind of most of humanity seems to not be breaking up in a fast enough just yet. Will it take an ecological disaster or what? Usually, calcified minds only change when some drastic happens. Why? Human nature? Probably, but when we see what is happening and see that it needs to be changed humanity needs to grow up. Those in power need to change and change quickly. Those in power can move mountains, but many times, the status quo, is much easier. However, in the case of our natural environment, clean, a really clean,…

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    What Does School Really Teach Us

    1. Truth comes from authority. 2. Intelligence is the ability to remember and repeat. 3. Accurate memory and repetition are rewarded. 4. Non-compliance is punished. 5. Conform: intellectually and socially. Source: What Does School Really Teach Children? It, [also], teaches us: 1. [T]o be modern slaves of the corporate world[.] 2. [T]o learn things by rote memory[.] 3. [T]o forget a majority of what you’ve learned once you’re done an exam[ ](making the entire process a waste)[.] 4. [T]hat authority will always side with each other[.] 5. [T]o dislike the subjects we would normally have an interest in[.] 6. [T]o follow what a piece of paper says and apply it to the rest of our lives. Source: Alfred Gatsby

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    Politics As Usual: “And The [Scum] Shall Inherit The Earth”

    Scum vs. Scum The worst beings, that humans have to offer, rise to the top, like scum in polluted waters. Nothing changes, except the outer forms of human life. The essence of humanity, in general, is to dominate, possess and exploit, to the very bitter end, everything and anything, on this planet. Everything is for sale, or has its price; absolutely everything and anything can be bought. Anything wretched and debauched is possible, as long as humanity continues its miserable existence here. This is the essence of the history of this species! History repeats itself over and over and over again. When the last tree is felled and the last potable water is polluted along with the filth, the rot and the absolute corruption of everything good on this tiny, tiny little speck of, currently, unimportant dust in the cosmic ocean of outer space, humanity will, finally, destroy itself and damage Mother Nature extensively, probably, beyond repair for a very, very, very long time. Then, and, maybe, only then, the planet will have a few billion years of real growth, not the growth as idealized at the financial brothel on Wall Street. It’s no wonder, and no surprise, that any…