Farley Leite de Akers

Think, Know, And Experience


Hello, my name is Farley and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and seeking for knowledge most of my life between the U.S.A. and Brazil. My mother was Brazilian and it was she who was the guiding light and force in my life, not my American father nor my step-father who were both weak and absent forces in my life, unfortunately. Because of that, my experience was colored through a lens by which I view and continue to view the world between the U.S.A. and Brazil. My experience between two worlds affected me so much so that I spent years virtually “lost” between both countries looking for my own soul, my own purpose and my own sense of belonging. My life has been one of constant emotional pain because I never seemed to fit anywhere and I still don’t. I did not have a strong influence from the American side of my family. That side of my family was absent and distant, therefore, my withdrawal from that side of my world. I spent a major part of my life in the U.S.A. and abroad some years at U.S. military bases during my adolescence and teenage years because of my stepfather who was in the Air Force. My mother married my stepfather a few years after she and my father divorced my father in 1953 because she refused to give up her Brazilian citizenship when my father wanted to join, at the time, the budding C.I.A.’s arm, the National Security Agency (N.S.A.). No member of the C.I.A. / N.S.A. could have a foreign-born wife. It’s funny that for the vast majority of my life neither my father nor my mother mentioned that he was part of the N.S.A. I didn’t discover this until after my mother died. I called my father three years after her death and spoke to my father about two years before he died and he revealed to me, very briefly, that he was not only in the Navy as an officer but he was part of the N.S.A. During a portion of my life, between my 30s and 50s, especially, when I was living in Washington, D.C., I somehow suspected, or was a little paranoid, that we, my mother and I, and maybe my brother, too, were being watched. I have no actual proof, however, I thought it very odd that my mother never ever mentioned my father’s connection to the C.I.A., not even once. I had to find that out from my father directly. If he hadn’t told me I would have never known. I’m glad he did, though, but it still makes me wonder if the spooks know all about me.

I do love all the positive experiences that I had there in the U.S. I remember all my favorite American films from the 1930s all the way up until the present. Now I feel that I never really belonged there in the U.S. My life has been an emotional roller-coaster for more than 50 years. I have struggled to find my true self and my purpose. I still haven’t done that totally but in 2007 when I finally moved to Brazil I began to feel that I was home. It really hit me when, in 2016, I found my first and current apartment that I have owned anywhere. I never bought any real estate in my whole life until I was 65. When I saw the view in my current apartment that I have from my living room window I somehow, deep down inside, knew I was home. This is where I am supposed to be now. I was 65 years old in late 2006 when I bought my first actual residence, a tiny apartment in Recife. I finally have my very own home for the time in my life. I still feel that my journey is not over and that there will be other things to realize and experience. I hope to resolve my lack of connection to anyone or to any place. I have settled permanently in Brazil now and, as far as I know, this is where I will remain until my last day in the physical world.

Life takes us where we need to be because we each have imagined, felt and flowed, like a river toward where life has led us and continues to lead us. I am grateful for the experiences I have had despite many difficulties. Who, however, doesn’t have or hasn’t had difficulties in this life. Even the mega-rich people of this world have their own experiences and problems in this world. Life in this existence is certainly a challenge. There is no use in getting caught up in this world as everything will change, nothing will remain the same and, some day, we all will leave this existence forever. Nothing physical can really be trusted. Physical being just an illusion, on temporary loan for our experience and learning.

So, sing your song and let others know who you are, where you are going and how you hope to get there. Also, sing the song of what needs to be changed to have a better life for all. That’s what I hope to do through this blog. However, I want you to know that I am not here to convince anyone of anything. Everyone, ultimately, chooses for themselves the world they want to live in by where each is in consciousness. Life, whether physical or beyond, is a journey, not a destination.  Physical life is temporary, however, our essence, our real being, I think, is eternal. It it is nice to get someplace in physical life and then, rest for a while. But we all have to continue our journey, otherwise, life will be stagnate and monotonous. Life is an adventure and also, life is a banquet, as Auntie Mame taught. Live!, Live, Live!

Think and stay positive, however, if you have something negative to say, say it. Healthy criticism is always welcome on this blog. Please, let me know what you think about anything written here, however, please, let it be constructive criticism. Tell me logically and rationally why you disagree with anything I may say. We all need to blow off steam in this life or we will explode. Some people do, and some don’t, but if we repress our feelings, they will eat you up, eventually, if you don’t channel them. Channel them positively. Throw something that doesn’t break or hit your pillow if you have to do that. Do anything except to harm another sentient being. Remember the Golden Rule. That is all you need. Everything else is just dogma, authoritarian control and power over you and others. Power over yourself and your own life should be the rule, never over others. There are enough negative people in this world and some are in charge of countries. Events which add nothing to the betterment of humanity are useless but that is exactly how this world is at this stage in our evolution. If you can envision how we should be, rather than just what is the reality of this world, that would be much better. Sometimes, we don’t know the solutions just yet, but voice your opinion whether it be negative or positive. Be in touch with all thoughts and ideas, however, filter them according to your own thinking and then express your carefully considered thoughts. Read and read. Variety is the spice of life. At this point in time I have not had ideas for solutions for the problems that I see. Maybe, one day I will be fortunate to be inspired to see possible solutions to the woes of this planet.

If the world wants a more positive environment we must think more positively. Maybe, one day everyone could stop voting, especially for people who will never bring real and true change to this world! The power of refusal to cooperate with an already corrupt and rotten system of government both in Brazil and the U.S. should be the goal of the People from now on because nothing will change unless the People make changes. One way would be to refuse to cooperate with government. How to do that I don’t know but certainly if 90% of voters never turned out for an election or better yet if 100% did not turn out that would send a message. It certainly would be the most non-violent way to get government’s attention. In Brazil, voting is obligatory so people could vote for no one. After many years of observation, I have observed that in Brazil, corruption is at a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree level but in the U.S., it is at the PhD level for sure. Perception deception is an art in the U.S.

The shift toward the People regaining truly democratic control, either in Brazil or the U.S. will start if people send Earthly Power a strong message. When I say Earthly Power I mean the extremely wealthy elite (the 1%), the owners of this world and their sycophants in government, whether here in Brazil or the U.S.. Change will only happen if the People send a message that they are not going to vote anymore for the same pathological and socio-pathological candidates time and time again. Politicians always appear in “new clothing” with new faces but it is always the same old story of deceit, betrayal, and disappointment because nothing, fundamentally, really changes. It’s time to tell all governments everywhere the game is over. It’s over because the game and the system is rigged only for the few. Real and true democracy does not exist. It’s a sham and an illusion. Politicians are going to do what they want to do anyway so let them do it with no support from the People, especially, financially. The game of this life has been the same game throughout history, in one form or another. Sure, there have been brief golden years in the past but there are more years where the same game of deception happens time and time again. It’s time to really change because the health of the planet and the health of the People are at stake now. People are beginning to wake up. The day is not far distant when a shift will occur. If nobody voted or didn’t show up at the polls throughout the world that simple act would, certainly, send a seismic shock wave and a very, very powerful message to those in government and the powerful elite who control it. What would happen if no one voted? Would the government retaliate and show their true selves more than they show us now? We have the power to make their knees tremble to the core. Just the thought of the People in control would change the game. The majority “mob”, the People united, are the true Power. When compared to the minority “mob”, the banksters and others in the political mafia, the People have the true power and force just in their numbers! We, the People, can change the world so that the People do have their say again and do have the power. It’s the only way the status quo will ever change for the better because, certainly, the system won’t. It’s too corrupt.

What would the governments do against the Power of the People united?

There are solutions for the negativity in this world.

Let’s think about other solutions to the problems we have. Why add to the negativity of this life unless we can also offer solutions. I hope to be able to offer solutions but I’m having a difficult time with that because there seems like there is nothing we can do. For example, why is there still war in this world? The simple answer would be to just stop fighting, however, that is not reality because there always seems to be someone who wants war or who will wage war over anything just about. War is insanity! Why can’t people see that?

I’m an idealist and as an idealist I think the answers are very simple. Because everything in the world has become so complicated, the ideal solutions are never considered. Look at history! It shows that human beings cannot sit still and live in peace forever. Humans always invent a reason for war sooner or later. Maybe it will always be that way. War, nowadays, is a recipe for planetary self-destruction and mass suicide. We are now at a time when nuclear disaster or ecological disaster, finally, can become reality. This is the first time in humanity’s history that planet’s ecology and everything on it can be destroyed completely.

So, facing that reality we just have to do the best we can with what we have. I’ve heard that if no one showed up for war there would be none!

Yea, right!

Isn’t that a pipe dream!

How often have most of the people not shown up for war in the past? Never! I’m talking about the vast majority of the People and not the few who have not shown up sometimes.

In this world there are enough people to come up with viable solutions to the planet’s problems. It adds nothing to what life is and should be, if we cannot offer solutions. There have to be solutions somehow and somewhere on this tiny planet. I hope to be able to discover some. I hope to be able to imagine possibilities for solutions. I have thought about this often but then, I look at the real world and see that maybe it won’t happen. If the world is going to solve the major problems which confront us now for the first in history, will it change? I’m not so sure it will in time. If humanity survives, it will take thousands of years, perhaps, for any real, significant change to come.

No matter what, while there is still hope, every journey toward goals and solutions to Earth’s problems has to begin with the first step!