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    Dictatorship – Is Your Country At Risk?

    The whole world is shifting in one way or another. Nothing new, right? However, in the Western world, principally in the Americas, is there a shift towards even more dictatorship than we’ve ever seen? Is a new form of dictatorship, one which we are still trying to figure out, becoming the norm? Is it one that is or will be much more cruel than ever before? I ask myself constantly: Don’t government “leaders”, officials, have anything better to do than to plan and implement even more dominance, even more cruelty and even more authoritarianism while the vast majority of the population just sits by and watches what is happening? Is this really the world we want? I’ve said this before but I will say it again. This world has always been crazy. Everyone knows that! However, currently, I think, hasn’t the world shifted into a much higher gear where it and many of its people throughout the world have become, or are becoming, truly insane? I don’t use the words, ‘truly insane’, lightly here. What are your thoughts? Watch the following video at YouTube for further insights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tn8zo4ykMI

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    Corporate Language

    When it comes to pouring out the bullshit, corporations have perfected it to more than an art; it’s become a veritable con-game, just what the good ol’ corporate U.S. of A. has become very proficient at doing. The U.S. of A., in this context, means, the United States of Assholes! I’m not speaking of the people of the U.S.A., in general, at all. I’m speaking, specifically, about the government and the corporations united together as one entity against the mass of U.S. citizens who have virtually no power anymore. Perhaps, they never really did have much power anyway and that may have been the intention of these two institutions since the founding of the country. Some say it was their intention, i.e., to create more and more power for the few and less and less for the “masses”.

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    Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Coming

    Most people have no idea what the human insect mind is creating. Will a world of total control and domination of every aspect of human life be in humanity’s future? It looks like that is exactly what will happen while the vast majority of humans are asleep at the wheel of life. Most people don’t want to think or contemplate or even learn anything. It seems most just want to be told what to do. Most will follow anything and anyone, just as long as there are supposed “benefits”.

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    The Great Deception Continues (It’s The Norm, You Know.)

    Throughout my life, and even up to now, in my search for truth, I am continually shocked, more and more, at what I see in the world. It is so unbelievable that words cannot simply describe it. Humanity’s continuous brutality, destruction, lack of respect for itself, as well as for the very planet we call home, seems too hard to believe that it is happening. No matter what I do, I cannot turn the world off as I wish I could. Perhaps, it is another form of self-destruction that I wish I did not feel nor do I wish to accomplish. It is not my goal. From the time I was a child, until now, in old age, I felt alienated and terrified. It began for me the day I found out that I was “queer” as many people began to refer to me, among other names I would hear so often throughout early childhood and adolescence. For me, I was my normal self. I was who I was and who I continue to be. Being gay is a misnomer, in a way. I never felt gay in any way about myself. I knew I was the exception to the…

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    Online Returns For The Clothing Retailer Industry

    Here is a woman who happened to be in the right industry and had the right experience which caused her to awaken, almost overnight. Fortunately, for the planet, she envisioned the solution through her shocking discovery, a dilemma in one of the biggest industries on the planet, the clothing industry. Here is what she discovered and her solution. She is symbolic of the type of person, in a position of power, who is leading the way to a greener planet. Solutions exist, but, not enough people in powerful positions are doing anything substantial yet. The planet can be cleaned up sooner than we think but the calcified mind of most of humanity seems to not be breaking up in a fast enough just yet. Will it take an ecological disaster or what? Usually, calcified minds only change when some drastic happens. Why? Human nature? Probably, but when we see what is happening and see that it needs to be changed humanity needs to grow up. Those in power need to change and change quickly. Those in power can move mountains, but many times, the status quo, is much easier. However, in the case of our natural environment, clean, a really…