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    Dictatorship – Is Your Country At Risk?

    The whole world is shifting in one way or another. Nothing new, right? However, in the Western world, principally in the Americas, is there a shift towards even more dictatorship than we’ve ever seen? Is a new form of dictatorship, one which we are still trying to figure out, becoming the norm? Is it one that is or will be much more cruel than ever before? I ask myself constantly: Don’t government “leaders”, officials, have anything better to do than to plan and implement even more dominance, even more cruelty and even more authoritarianism while the vast majority of the population just sits by and watches what is happening? Is this really the world we want? I’ve said this before but I will say it again. This world has always been crazy. Everyone knows that! However, currently, I think, hasn’t the world shifted into a much higher gear where it and many of its people throughout the world have become, or are becoming, truly insane? I don’t use the words, ‘truly insane’, lightly here. What are your thoughts? Watch the following video at YouTube for further insights:

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    Corporate Language

    When it comes to pouring out the bullshit, corporations have perfected it to more than an art; it’s become a veritable con-game, just what the good ol’ corporate U.S. of A. has become very proficient at doing. The U.S. of A., in this context, means, the United States of Assholes! I’m not speaking of the people of the U.S.A., in general, at all. I’m speaking, specifically, about the government and the corporations united together as one entity against the mass of U.S. citizens who have virtually no power anymore. Perhaps, they never really did have much power anyway and that may have been the intention of these two institutions since the founding of the country. Some say it was their intention, i.e., to create more and more power for the few and less and less for the “masses”.

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    What Does School Really Teach Us

    1. Truth comes from authority. 2. Intelligence is the ability to remember and repeat. 3. Accurate memory and repetition are rewarded. 4. Non-compliance is punished. 5. Conform: intellectually and socially. Source: What Does School Really Teach Children? It, [also], teaches us: 1. [T]o be modern slaves of the corporate world[.] 2. [T]o learn things by rote memory[.] 3. [T]o forget a majority of what you’ve learned once you’re done an exam[ ](making the entire process a waste)[.] 4. [T]hat authority will always side with each other[.] 5. [T]o dislike the subjects we would normally have an interest in[.] 6. [T]o follow what a piece of paper says and apply it to the rest of our lives. Source: Alfred Gatsby

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    Politics As Usual: “And The [Scum] Shall Inherit The Earth”

    Scum vs. Scum The worst beings, that humans have to offer, rise to the top, like scum in polluted waters. Nothing changes, except the outer forms of human life. The essence of humanity, in general, is to dominate, possess and exploit, to the very bitter end, everything and anything, on this planet. Everything is for sale, or has its price; absolutely everything and anything can be bought. Anything wretched and debauched is possible, as long as humanity continues its miserable existence here. This is the essence of the history of this species! History repeats itself over and over and over again. When the last tree is felled and the last potable water is polluted along with the filth, the rot and the absolute corruption of everything good on this tiny, tiny little speck of, currently, unimportant dust in the cosmic ocean of outer space, humanity will, finally, destroy itself and damage Mother Nature extensively, probably, beyond repair for a very, very, very long time. Then, and, maybe, only then, the planet will have a few billion years of real growth, not the growth as idealized at the financial brothel on Wall Street.It’s no wonder, and no surprise, that any decent,…

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    The Truth About This World

    The truth about this world is that it will deceive you, constantly. Know reality and the facts. Be not deceived, beyond reality and the facts. Forget this world, its lies and its empty promises, for it will always, always, disappoint and deceive you. Do the best you can do, to be and find true love. True love, not just sex, meaning, love that will fill the huge vacuum within. Love that will sustain, will grow, and will be with you and you with love until whenever. Hopefully, it will be for a very long time. The only solution, to this world and its mockery, however, is to ignore it as much as that is possible. Do what you can to survive with or without love, without being like the world, without deceiving, without hurting, without killing and, especially, without causing any pain as this world loves to do. For as you do the opposite of what the world is and does, it will be your only escape, eventually, from its illusion. Be kind, be patient but know; never believe anyone or any thing outside of your own true Self!! Let actions speak louder than mere words then you can believe…