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    The World Is In Turmoil As Usual

    What Worries The World? Why can’t the world grow up, mature and blossom into a beautiful world, a beautiful planet? What is preventing the world from maturing into a higher state of being? Will it always be this way? Is the world committing mass suicide as we speak? It certainly seems so. The trends toward world fascism and, literally, technological dominance over every aspect of our lives, forebodes a darker future more and more. Brazil will elect a new leader, perhaps a dictator, perhaps a military coup will occur, perhaps both possibilities will join forces in order to establish order. But, will this new order be really beneficial? How many will die in this new “order”? Only time will tell now. In two days we will know if Brazil’s future is condemned to have more and more chaos and destruction. It seems it is the only way Brazil knows how to be. It’s not only that the U.S. died, at the beginning of this century, now, maybe, it will be Brazil, too. Change is needed but do we Brazilians need the ugly change that has occurred in the U.S., too? Perhaps, now, that same change is coming to Brazil. I…

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    Whoever Controls The Narrative

    Whoever Controls The Narrative Controls The World. Watch the video on the C.F.R. contained in this video. If you don’t know what the C.F.R. is, see the description further down. The Narrative = Official History (A country’s history, in this case). (What the powers want you to believe is reality through their information.) Whether it be Globo news or NBC news, whatever, they’re all in it together now, globally, to control the common narrative we have to believe in. Brazil’s 2018 elections, this year, should be extremely interesting. I think 2018 will be a memorable time in Brazil’s history. The presidential outcome, this year, for sure, will be a real surprise, it seems. It’s June and, of course, we still don’t know who the actual candidates really will be. We hear stories, sometimes, but who are the official candidates? We won’t know until around August. Here is some proof of how the world’s thinking, meaning the common people’s thinking, like you and me, is controlled. If anything, listen to the offical C.F.R. video inside the first video at the link above where Richard Stengel, former chief editor of Time Magazine speaks at a meeting at the Council for Foreign…

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    The Two Party Scam In The U.S.A.

    In 1992, living in Washington, D.C.,  I realized the U.S.A. was a two-party democratic dictatorship. It was an unbelievable experience and an unbelievable time for me when I was at Georgetown University. It changed me for the rest of my life. The story still continues. Now, in 2018, I saw this article that was published on June 5, 2018, at TruthDig, a site which sends me a newsletter with their headlines. This is the one I saw that struck me for the first time, not that it was a surprise, in a way, but that, finally, someone is actually and really saying something. The U.S.A.’s two-party scam is equal to Brazil’s multiple party scam. The governments of both countries hate the people, in reality, but they do love to show a wonderful face to the world in the media. It makes it easier to fool everyone. Voting is the latest scam in humanity’s history. Whatever the type of government leaders are, it’s always the same thing. Whether King, Queen, Prime Minister, or President, it does not matter the title or the supposed “ideas” governments propose. Governments are a bureaucratic machine for the few money-making “elite” of this world in order…

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    Declare Peace!

    Criminals run the world now and, probably, always have. Taking what is not theirs to take and promising the people change, the world remains, essentially, the same. Only the exterior world changes, however, the internal world remains stagnant mostly. Humanity has only evolved in what they do, not who, essentially, they are. Change? What change? Only the outer world changes, the inner essence of humanity never changes. Perhaps this world is not intended to ever really change, from within, en masse. For sure, I know it won’t change in my lifetime. Don’t you think it’s time the world matured mentally, emotionally, and spiritually! Everyone, as individuals, sooner or later, has to, why not the so-called leaders of this planet? They are supposed to be leading! It seems that most everyone, in control or not in control, are still mentally two-year-old children crying: “I want what you have!” “I want it and I’m gonna take it if you don’t give it to me.” GROW UP HUMANITY! STOP ELECTING PROFESSIONAL CRIMINALS AND SOCIOPATHS! That’s the trouble with this world, too many people don’t mature mentally! Most leaders, on this planet, are mediocre and, worse yet, are the worst 2-year-olds! The world has…

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    The Time Of Nations Is No Longer Viable

    The time for separate nations is no longer sustainable nor a way to truly permanent peace.   We must THINK of ourselves and all the creatures here as Earthlings.   We must BE humane human beings first and foremost and then ACT as the caretakers of the garden of life on this beautiful planet called Earth.   Also, we must be conscious of ourselves as a planetary family, adrift on a fragile globe orbiting a sun, in the vast ocean of space and time. If we do not change, and change very, very quickly, we will vanish as another failed species. We already are in the beginning stages of the process called the 6th Mass Extinction.   “The age of nations is past. It remains for us, now, if we do not wish to perish, to set aside ancient prejudices and build the Earth.“  + Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. S.J. + 1881-1955   Our extinction will be best for our Mother Earth since she is no longer considered a mother to us and she is no longer respected anymore for being the mother that she is.   Her rape, violation and poisoning will no longer be tolerated by her. She…