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O cómico Chico Anísio

Justino Veríssimo de Santo Cristo
Deputado Federal de Pernambuco


Político típico do Brasil


O político norte-americano? I-g-u-a-l.

A única diferença?

A língua, a cultura e a maneira de explorar a maioria.

Hoje em día, 2018, os políticos dos dois países, o Brasil, brasa e arrasa, e os U.S.A., usa e abusa, tem táticas diferentes para disfarçar e abafar a verdade. Fazem tudo para aparentar que trabalham pelo bem de todos.


Como Luis Gonzaga cantava:

“Que mentira, que lorota boa!”

Este ano 2018, vai entrar uma nova safra de políticos, principalmente um novo Presidente.


Vai mudar algo?

Só o Povo sabe se vai.


Vote em João Ninguém Faz Nada.

O melhor candidato na história do Brasil!

Pelo menos, ele vai mudar o país de uma vez para todas!


Que mentira, que lorota boa!

Que mentira, que lorota boa!

 + + +

Lorota Boa!

Dei u’a carrera num cabra qui mexeu c’a Maroquinha
Cumeçou na Mata Grande e acabou na Lagoinha!
Curri mais de sete légua, carregado cumo eu vinha
Pois trazia na cabeça um balaio cheio de galinha

Oh, oh, oh! (2x)
Qui mintira qui lorota boa (2x)

Certa noite muito escura atirei de brincadeira
Espaiei dezesseis chumbo cum a minha atiradeira
No momento ia passando quinze patos no terreiro
Qui cairam fulminado, oi qui tiro mais certeiro

Oh, oh, oh! (2x)
Qui mintira qui lorota boa (2x)

Uma coisa aqui no Rio qui me chamou atenção
Foi ver a facilidade qui se toma condução
Todo mundo confortave, seja em trem ou gostosão
E os tais de trocadores, qui amáveis que eles são

Oh, oh, oh! (2x)
Qui mintira qui lorota boa (2x)

Vou contar agora um caso qui astur dia assucedeu
Minha sogra tá de prova que tal fato aconteceu
Uma cobra venenosa viu a véia e mordeu
Mais inveis da minha sogra foi a cobra que morreu

Oh, oh, oh! (2x)
Qui mintira qui lorota boa (2x)

O meu primo Zé Potoca mente tanto qui faiz dó
Me contou qui pegou água, inrolô e deu um nó
Qui mintira mais danada, qui conversa mais à toa
Dá nó n’água né pussive, é lorota e das boa

Oh, oh, oh! (2x) 

People actually believe this bullshit!

I use the word bullshit intentionally because that, literally, is what this video is about. People actually believe that recognized success in the world, i.e., being known in the media, having lots of money and being famous is going to make you happy. 

Being who you are and knowing who you are and that it doesn’t matter if you have what the world calls “success” is the goal, not the opposite. It doesn’t matter one bit if you have what the world calls “wealth” and it doesn’t matter one bit if you have what the world calls “recognition”. These are fleeting illusions.

In order for you to be truly considered successful in life you must turn away from what the world tells you is success. The world will always want what is superfluous and changing.

To be happy is just to find your most inner sense of peace and well-being and feel at home and comfortable wherever you are, doing whatever you are doing. This world is about change and, so, we must be fluid. We must be like a river and flow in our own way no matter the obstacles we encounter, no matter our destination we envision. Just flow with life and go where life leads. Have dreams, for sure, but don’t make the mistake of dreaming what the world calls success, because if you world success does not come what does it really matter? The world will always be wrong about success, if you let it influence you. If it influences you will always be in an inner struggle if life does not lead you towards worldly success.

As you navigate this world of madness for what the world considers success, peace is the ultimate prize, not what is portrayed in this video of lies and deception but true inner peace and calm.

I think the best way to be is to turn off the world, just turn it off. Get away from it as soon as possible even if you live in center of the most populous city in the world!

Just being who you are, in the most positive and beneficial way, meaning, being the best person you can, who is at peace within and without, is to truly be successful. Then life will be lived, moment by moment, not in some imaginary future. This is not to say: “Don’t have plans.” No, quite the contrary, just go your way but let life lead you, not the world.

Walk your path and find your way to total acceptance of your being the best you can but not how it is described in this video.

This a video for business people and/or people, in general, who want outer forms of self-realization. For them, outer success, outer wealth and outer recognition are their Holy Trinity. What life brings you, as your experience, is what you can learn from and gain in the lessons of your experience. Find peace and life will show you what to do and what not to do, what to be and what not to be, what to have and what not to have. You just have to be observant within yourself and without. Learn from what you observe within and without. Then, only, can you walk your path towards the life you truly want. It will take experiementation, testing and many time failing but, if you are true to yourself and your dream(s) you will find your way. If your dream is outer success then this video is for you, for sure. Follow it to the letter but their will be a price and it is not money I am talking about.

Only you can envision your dream of where you are going.

If you want inner success then let life unfold and always try to find peace of mind, peace in your body and peace in your heart as you journey through your life. Peace begins within in your mind, heart and body wherever it is you want to be. Trying in an earthly way, like in the video, is not searching for peace and tranquility but struggling with the world to gain recognition from the outside for outer success and outer wealth. Do it, if that’s what you want. This video will certainly lead you there if you really want that kind of success, for sure, however, ultimately, it is a trap because then you will never really be at peace because the outer world will always change and will always determine success, not you yourself. If you truly do not want to walk the path of the inner world of your own self-recognition, of accepting and improving your inner self, inner success and inner wealth then don’t. If you want the world of outer success, go for it! Know this, however. You will never really be happy with any outer forms of success because as soon as you obtain them you will feel empty again and will need to again struggle for the outer forms of success.

If you want the opposite of what this video encourages, you have to start from within, not the opposite. This video offers nothing but lies and deceit about what is considered success. The success of what the video talks about is a dead end for really true happiness.

Accept your life as it unfolds. It is something extremely difficult because the world is constantly bombarding us with images, ideas, films and other forms of media that tell us: “Look at me. I’m successful, Why aren’t you?”

Sometimes, we do go through a lot of pain and suffering before we begin to let go and let life lead us on to our next lesson and our next steps. If you feel you are not at peace, change directions, beginning from within and take steps to create a truly peaceful world for yourself. The world always talks about peace but it really does not want that. Just look at the history of humanity. Peace, on this planet, so far, is an illusion. Wake up to the fact that the world does not and will never want true peace, not really, otherwise, we would have it already. The world never has wanted anything but the outer portion of this world and those that play the game of this world always want more for themselves and less for those around them. The game of life in this world is one of always getting the best of any situation. Damn the rest!

We each have to find inner wealth for ourselves and leave the outer world to it own undoing, to its own perfidy.

The outer world will always change, die and then transform again into what appears to be new but the essence is always the same no matter the political, religious or societal viewpoint. It’s always about power, control, domination, lies and deceit in one form or another in order to get the outer things of this world. The outer is the illusion.

Look inward for real, true success.

In one part of the video someone says you have to hustle to find your success. Look up the word hustle in a dictionary (www.thefreedictionary.com/hustle). Study what that word really means and you will see what the world wants us to consider as the way.

Will you find peace and inner success that way?

Most of this video is a hustle.

The first guy you will hear from in the video thought he was nothing because he wasn’t what the typical “American Dream” hustle of success wants us to believe.

True success is not outer wealth, outer fame nor outer success. The opposite is true. Inner wealth, inner fame and inner success is what counts, then, if life happens to bring these outer forms of success it means you have a mission to help others to help those who are in real, desperate need.

You, inwardly, is what matters, is what counts, not what the world thinks or believes you are. Your actions and worlds will reflect your inner nature eventually.

Greatness is not being great in the world, necessarily.

We have to make ourselves better, in the sense of being at peace with this world is and detaching ourselves from it and its influence.

Adding true peace to the world is the best thing we can do. The outer world will never, ever, want real peace.

When you watch this video read between the lines that are spoken. Pay close attention to the visual images which the images show of what the video really mean by success.

Pay attention.

Pay close attention to the visuals and the words used.

The words, goals and targets, as used in the video, are part of the vocabulary of the business world, not the true, inner world of peace and the end of struggle, which is free of these illusions. The corporate world could care less about real peace and the end of worldly struggle unless they can make money from it. Then they will be very interested.

Life has to be lived left to unfold for us as naturally as the rose bud does in its own time and under perfect conditions which always arrive at the duly appointed time. We have to follow the way of peace and contentment, otherwise, we destroy our natural biorhythm to take on the rhythm of the unnatural relentless machine rhythm of the machine world and the machine robotic human mind.

Peace is encountered moment by moment, day by day, month by month, year by year, calmly and unhurried. The inner work to be done to attain this is truly what is called the Great Work. Real success is to be at peace within and without. You need not struggle to be successful. If outer success comes, wonderful, but if it doesn’t look again, inwardly, for the true treasures. These true treasure cannot be attained by force nor can they be produced on command. They come naturally and, always, at the appointed time if we do the inner work of true peace and serenity.

What is life leading you towards?

Envision your way towards peace, contentment and serenity. Refuse to accept what the world really wants which is an illusion of success and happiness. To be at real peace with yourself and the world is to let go of this chaotic, insane world and its illusions of success. As George Carlin said: “It’s called The  American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe in it.” He was right! The American Dream, the business dream, is complete madness because once you enter that world you will never ever be happy, because, ultimately, it is about getting more and more for oneself and leaving less and less for everybody else outside the “magic circle”.

If what you want is outer success, go for it! But know this, the price that you will pay will be tremendous. Eternal discontent will always be your lot in life if that is what you really want. It is what is called true madness. That is why we have the world the way it is, a madhouse with the insane running the insane asylum with most thinking everything is just fine.

Run away, symbolically or literally, from the insane world and create, for yourself, a world of inner and outer peace as much as it is possible for yourself wherever that may be.

I know, for sure, it isn’t easy, but it beats what is called sanity in this world.

This quote: “Why Watch A Horror Film When You Can Watch A Davos Panel” is spoken by the narrator at the end of the video! It’s perfect! What is spoken about at the World Economic Forum 2016 is so unbelievable. “New” technologies for monitoring and “listening” to a person’s mind are being considered for the future. This type of technology will be the dream of future tyrants in about ten years who will be able to totally control and  monitor the minds of people. Of course, this technology will NEVER be used to control and monitor the tyrants! What do you think?

How low in consciousness can humanity continue to fall?

Apparently, there is no thought, at all, as to how low in consciousness that humanity, especially, the scientists and so-called “intellectual” leaders can go! I’m not speaking of all scientists or leaders, only those who are even considering this type of technology in order to virtually control our “freedom of thought and speech”. Surely, we must speak about this. Absolutely! But, the idea that humanity is even considering this is proof of how low we aim. Why is this new technology even being considered at all? Why would humanity do this to itself or even allow it to be done to itself? Just because it can be done does not mean it should be done. However, it will be done!

This technology is coming, for sure, even if it is publicly banned. Criminals and criminal minds will always either develop this kind of technology or get hold of it and use it anyway so it will have to be used as a defense mechanism.

Humanity, not all, but many will think: WOW, this is cool! Many young kids just love war game videos! They’re huge sellers and there is a lot of money in this type of video games. This is just the way it is, the way of this world. War and killing is normal in this world.

How asleep can humanity be to actually even consider technology like this?

Think about it!

Like all evil things in this world, what is applied to others will soon be applied to themselves. This new technology will be another tool in the vast arsenal of arms in this world that always says: “We Want Peace” but never, ever actually works toward that end. Not really. The world that these intellectual leaders are considering will be their own undoing, eventually. This world will, eventually, self-destruct because that is the path this world is taking more and more. The web of lies, deceit, murder, control, and power is just how this world is. This world has always been about power and control over others. It never has been about power and control of its own being, as part of humanity’s own being and nature as one collective body of beings. Perhaps, it is because, at this time in the evolution of humanity’s vibration, its energy level is still at a very, very low, low resonance and, so, it cannot be helped.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of this year’s, 2018, World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland. What wonderful ideas and possibilities are the “leaders” and “intellectuals” contemplating now?