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    Dictatorship – Is Your Country At Risk?

    The whole world is shifting in one way or another. Nothing new, right? However, in the Western world, principally in the Americas, is there a shift towards even more dictatorship than we’ve ever seen? Is a new form of dictatorship, one which we are still trying to figure out, becoming the norm? Is it one that is or will be much more cruel than ever before? I ask myself constantly: Don’t government “leaders”, officials, have anything better to do than to plan and implement even more dominance, even more cruelty and even more authoritarianism while the vast majority of the population just sits by and watches what is happening? Is this really the world we want? I’ve said this before but I will say it again. This world has always been crazy. Everyone knows that! However, currently, I think, hasn’t the world shifted into a much higher gear where it and many of its people throughout the world have become, or are becoming, truly insane? I don’t use the words, ‘truly insane’, lightly here. What are your thoughts? Watch the following video at YouTube for further insights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tn8zo4ykMI

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    “Why Watch A Horror Film When You Can Watch A Davos Panel”

    This quote: “Why Watch A Horror Film When You Can Watch A Davos Panel” is spoken by the narrator at the end of the video! It’s perfect! What is spoken about at the World Economic Forum 2016 is so unbelievable. “New” technologies for monitoring and “listening” to a person’s mind are being considered for the future. This type of technology will be the dream of future tyrants in about ten years who will be able to totally control and  monitor the minds of people. Of course, this technology will NEVER be used to control and monitor the tyrants! What do you think? How low in consciousness can humanity continue to fall? Apparently, there is no thought, at all, as to how low in consciousness that humanity, especially, the scientists and so-called “intellectual” leaders can go! I’m not speaking of all scientists or leaders, only those who are even considering this type of technology in order to virtually control our “freedom of thought and speech”. Surely, we must speak about this. Absolutely! But, the idea that humanity is even considering this is proof of how low we aim. Why is this new technology even being considered at all? Why would humanity…

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    The World Is All About Control & Chaos!

    The world is all about control and chaos despite what we are told. Chris Hedges, a former journalist for The New York Times, speaks, above, of the reality in The United States. It’s also true of Brazil and, probably, most everywhere in the world. Leaders do not lead, they take orders from the real Powers of this planet behind all governments and nations. Wake up everyone! We do not really live in a free world. It is a prison planet. We all have owners at the very highest levels behind governments and everything else that exists in this world. There are a very, very few minority who are in control on this planet. The average People, the mass of the population of this world, outnumber them and really have the power but the vast majority do not know a thing about our common reality. Most everyone believes the world just happens to be the way it is because it is just that way. Wake up! We are all under various forms of mind control, one way or another, and we are led to believe we have no power. Just observe the media in all of its forms brainwashing us everyday…

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    Thoughts On Omneity

    Theism, one day, will be a thing of the past, considered as part of a system of authority that is just like the authorities in this physical world. If there is a controlling force in this Universe it must be everywhere and in everything that exists, whether visible or invisible. ‘Omneity’ [omneity (ɒmˈniːɪtɪ) n. the state or condition of being all ] is a name which could be defined as the controlling force for all of existence. We all are Omneity, individually, and as a collective whole in Omneity we are each as a drop of ocean water, which, collectively, is the ocean. The whole ocean of existence is the totality of all the components that make up the entirety of the ocean of sea water; there cannot be one without the other. The word ‘God’ is in an anthropomorphic idea of Deity, the ultimate authoritarian controlling force anthropomorphized as a being in human form somewhere out there, in the heavens. Consciousness is the mysterious nature of our very being, so, an image of a god or goddess is a limitation of that reality of an infinite universe and infinite possibilities. An anthropomorphic being, where someone in an infinite realm,…