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America Is Not Great!

It was great but never the greatest. The U.S. is not the only great country. All countries have some form of greatness. For one to claim that it is the greatest is vanity taken to the extreme. The ideals of the U.S. are dead.  Can they be resurrected?

America is not the only great country in the world. There are many! Americans have this idea that they are exceptional. The opposite is true. There are many exceptional countries in the world. America promotes the idea of diversity but then it describes itself as unique. No. It’s not unique. Look at Nature. Nature, as a whole, is made up of real diversity, individual uniqueness that it is a sight to behold. Nature is a system of diversity working in harmony as a whole.

Many Americans are in a dream world. They live in a “Disneyland” world, a world of superficiality and seldom really venture beyond that world. Others, though, who have seen the world beyond America and, then, see what America could be, wonder why did the country become what it has become?

America, in my view, has been declining over the years. Sure, the economy has been booming for a long time but the idea, the central core of the American experiment is dead. It was supposed to be, basically, about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness but did these really ever exist? These ideals still persist in the consciousness of many Americans but they have been stifled. No one really has a life, no one really has true liberty and the only pursuit in the American world, and in the world, in general, is after the Almighty Dollar, for most, money now is just to pay the bills every month. America has grown too fat, has grown too complacent and has grown too comfortable. Most everyone is in debt to some extent. America is now controlled by the powerful media and the citizens there have literally been programmed, like a computer, for certain results, i.e., they are faithful, hard-working, obedient consumers, basically, and nothing more that, in general. Consumption is everything now in the U.S. Americans have also become automatons, generally, as a whole. Most are non-thinking, non-seeing and non-active, mentally, as well as physically, as a whole. The majority of Americans are spectators in a vast and dazzling TV show and movie extravaganza life with the promise and look of wealth but, in actuality, wealth never really becomes the reality for the average citizen. The promise of the American Dream is the proverbial carrot at the end of a pole to get the ass (donkey) moving forward. It gets the donkey (the masses of people) trodding along thinking that they are headed for a better life. However, the reality of the vast majority of working Americans is that they are just making enough. What most make is only enough to pay bills, never enough to get off the treadmill system that the American elite have created for the vast number of underlings. Sure, some do get off the treadmill, however, it is an illusion that the vast majority will. The American Dream is just that, a dream. To believe it, you have to be asleep, as George Carlin put it so well!

Politically, over the years, the country has finally come to a choice between the worst of the worst of candidates like Hillary Clinton, a corrupt, corporate Wall Street ‘call girl’ and Donald Trump, a corrupt, dishonest con-man who was born to wealth, who became even wealthier in time and who now lives in his own world, not the average person’s reality. Donald’s favorite word is “amazing”! He lives in an amazing world unknown to most. His descent from Trump Plaza in New York City to live in the humble and modest mansion, the White House, for him, is a descent from opulent, vulgar and the nouveau riche style of wealth to a common simple mansion where he currently resides, the White House! The White House is the very statement of refined simplicity and historical elegance. It is not extravagant, glitzy and superficial like Trump and those who are like him. What a disappointment for him it must be.

The 2016 primaries were not really an election for the best ideas to solve the pressing problems of the day but for those who could convince, with well-chosen words, what the people wanted to hear, not the truth of the actual situation of the country and the world, at large. The primaries forgot that great ideas really do matter and forgot that stars and personalities are not real substance that have eternal value.  Stars are actors. They are celebrities, not the common folk of America, the everyday people. America, as a country, forgot to look in the mirror and has forgotten to do this for a long, long time. Perhaps, it’s because America just cannot see itself anymore. America died because it forgot what Americans always knew. It’s written on the gateway to the U.S., the Statue of Liberty:


“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”


The golden door! What golden door?

Well, it has become the “golden door” to more money for the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse and the homeless who are now part of the landscape of America. What America has become, especially when Ronald Reagan became President, was that America began to obviously change for the worst. Actors, officially, were now heads of State. I remember how much America changed when Ronald Reagan became President. During the Reagan years so many Americans became homeless. Washington, D.C. was just full of them and, of course, other large cities, too. It was something unseen and unheard of for my generation. My generation had not seen that like those from the Depression Era of the 1930s. Of course, for my parents they experienced the Great Depression during the 30s, so it was nothing really new.

America, at its beginning, was to be the gateway to a New World, something entirely different, not a facade of the New Old World which it became and which really never ever went away! America was supposed to be about honesty, truth, ethics, transparency, thrift, liberty, freedom, and responsibility. Instead, the Old World hangs on strongly and undefeated as it always has. The New World has never come into existence. It is not our reality and, perhaps, never will be. The Old World is still undefeated because the few exploit the many like they always have, the few rob the majority like they always have and the few think only of themselves and only in their fortunes like they always have. The world is just like in the world of old.

Nothing is really new!

Nothing is really different!

The story is the exact same one from time immemorial. Nothing changes except for the outer view. The inner world of humanity continues to be greed, power and control. These remain. These are still here. They seem to be eternal and the world continues on. Nothing new, nothing different.

Each country on this planet is like a family or it should be. But, not in this world, not on this planet, in general. If you have millions in poverty in what is called the richest country in the history of the world you really have nothing! Nothing, because you forgot your own ‘family’, your own compatriots. If there is one person starving in your ‘family’, i.e., your country, what real wealth do you have? You have nothing! If one member of your ‘family’ cannot find decent, dignified work with a real living wage, what does wealth really matter? Wealth that will last centuries, for the few, while people are still starving in the world, is useless. The exception is always for the very few. Many, as always in this world, the starving, are innocent children.

What kind of world have we all created?

I’m not against rich people. What I am against is the absurd, disproportionate distribution of a country’s shared wealth. It should be for the common good, too.

There are solutions! There are new ideas! There are economists, financiers, bankers, etc., who know the solutions. Why aren’t new solutions for a more just and balanced society implemented? Are so-called leaders really that stupid? It appears to be but no, they’re not. They know exactly what they’re doing! That is why nothing significantly changes! The people think change will come after an election. It won’t, not really!

The reality of this world is that there is no need, in an abundant world, for anyone to be starving or in extreme poverty? Nature has no inherent poverty. Poverty is a human creation. It doesn’t exist in the natural world, period. Human reality has been created on purpose, i.e., the reality we see. Human reality, as we can obviously see, is a way to control and manipulate the defenseless and the weak and, thereby, exploit the many for the benefit, ultimately, of the few. There is no need, at all, for a world such as this. What we are told, mostly, is a lie. The lie we are told is that we live in a world of scarcity.  Only the few should have more than enough, so much so that their wealth will last for centuries, if not longer, as based on the current economic system.

In the video to follow, what should be said and discussed in the world’s meetings but will never be is the reality that leaders just do not care, at all, about the masses. Leaders never have, nor will they ever care, until the People show their real and absolute power. The People are larger in number, by far, than the few who are in power. What leaders do know now to do and practice are basically strategies of inaction, disagreement, blame, manipulation and lies, disguised as truth. Politics is the greatest show on Earth ever seen because the powerful do not want to see each other eye to eye. It is a show to deceive everyone but those in the upper stratosphere of power and wealth. Literally, politicians do not want to compromise, at all, and they do not want to work for the common good of all people everywhere throughout the world because it is not on their agenda, ever, unless, however, if they can enrich themselves. If the leaders were different and humane we would not be in the world we are in, at all. Leaders of the world use strategies that are just enough to create enough illusion so that the vast majority will just play along and accept the reality we all see as the way it is and not that it has been created, intentionally, the way we observe it to be, chaotic, unfair, cruel and unjust. Remember always that this world is still based on a Master/Slave mentality and it may always be that way no matter the outer form and matter how the outer form may give us the illusion of freedom.

It’s time to wake up to our eternal reality until the People change it.

Slavery is still the norm and it is here in all its new forms. The powerful all play the same game that has always been played. It is called the game of creating a Perception Deception. Again, Perception Deception. Leaders are good at playing this game of power and jostling for power at each selfish moment of their petty careers of greed, lust and, above all, their absolute spiritual baseness, stupidity and mediocrity. There are a few in power, however, they are a very few, who do try to do the right thing, but as we can see in this world, truly good leaders have always been only a few. Usually, the few good people who do try to do real good for all of the People are subtly ostracized, passively driven away and/or somehow harassed to leave or, in the worst case scenario, assassinated, especially, if the spiritually good politicians, working for the good of all, get in the way of what the selfish, egotistical elite want. Politics is a very dangerous game of Cat (here a symbol of evil) and Mouse (here a symbol of good) in this analogy. This is what the earthly powers in this reality do very well. It has always happened this way throughout history. This world, the paradigm we live in, the world that humanity is only capable of creating, will continue for a very, very long time; perhaps, forever, unless We, the People of the world, truly have a world-wide awakening. Look at history! Look carefully! You don’t have to look too far because it will become painfully obvious if you have eyes to see. The good in power, mostly, have always been eliminated in many ways, unless, of course, they are useful to the sinister forces that rule. Sinister forces are the rulers of this world, not benevolent forces! Wake up from your dreams and fairy tales. They have been created to keep us asleep, mostly. Reality is the exact opposite of the ‘fairy tale’ world which the few want us to live in. Remember the story of Sleeping Beauty? It is an allegory for how the world really is, except for the ending which has not occurred in the world as of yet. It is what should be but the ending, so far, is not our reality to date in all of history. We are all in the state of sleep just like in the story. The end of the story has not come so that we can have a new beginning. A real beginning where we never, ever let evil take the reins of power ever again like it has been since the beginning of humanity.

The clip below from film The Girl In The Café is an imaginary, fairy tale view of the leaders of the world and how a young lady changes them for the better.  I say it is imaginary or a fairytale because when you see the full film you will see that it is an idealized story of what should happen in our world, however, the story is pure fantasy. It could never really happen as it is portrayed in the film. It would never be allowed to happen, at all, in this reality. So-called leaders do not want to hear about reality as it is lived by the vast majority. It’s so obvious, when you watch the film, that the young girl, once discovered as a radical dissenter would, in our reality, be expelled immediately and forever from ever infiltrating the meeting of our world ‘leaders’ as she is able to do in the film. However, in the film, she is able to penetrate a very important meeting of world leaders and, incredible as it appears to be, actually lectures the leaders on our reality that they have created.

I love the film because it’s a beautiful story even though it is pure fantasy. I want to believe that it could happen but I know it is only wishful thinking to believe that something like what is portrayed in the film could really happen with no problem for the heroine. Just look at the reality of what is happening and has happened to Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. Still, the film does portray what should really happen in this world because we do need hope, we do need inspiration and we do need real change!

Leaders, all leaders, should be confronted often, and very frequently, especially, by the so-called ‘average’ people.  We need everyday, intelligent people to say to the leaders what the so-called ‘leaders’ do not want to hear in their world. However, in this world they are safeguarded completely to not come in contact nor hear what the People want to say. The leaders of this world live in a protected environment, shielded from the reality they have created. In a truly beneficent and well-run world, leaders would not have to be afraid of the People they rule over. It would be impossible for anything bad to happen to them in a truly beneficent world. However, this is not Utopia, this is not a planet of a beneficent humanity.

In this world, the ‘leaders’ are doing what their real Masters, behind the scenes of this charade, tell them to do. The world, meaning the People at large, is becoming more aware of the true government of our planet. It is, many times, called the shadow government. This parallel government is composed of the elite of the elite of the elite. I intentionally repeated it three times. At the very pinnacle of the huge world-wide pyramid scheme the elite are at the very apex. They are very, very few in number. They are at the pinnacle of earthly wealth and control and they manipulate this world according to their own game and their own selfish ends. In this film, the shadow government is not even mentioned. Maybe, in other future films, if we are lucky, the shadow government will be openly portrayed for everyone to see how this world actually operates so there is no doubt.

When will the game stop and when will real change happen?

As I see it, never!

That is because, the vast majority don’t even know what is happening and if they did, they would not want to believe it or see it or know what our reality actually is.

If anything does change in this world, it will take thousands of years because the same old story has been going on for thousands of years. The same story has been happening since the dawn of humanity and it has not changed and, probably, will never stop.

Humanity at this stage of development, as it is mentally, is equal to a two or three-year-old child. As we know, a two or three-year-old child can be very sweet and charming but watch out when the child doesn’t get what it wants, especially, when the child is inherently bad or spoiled or rotten. These are our leaders now. They always, in general, have been like this, some worse, some better. When this happens, when our leaders act as 2 or 3 year olds, the world regresses as we have been seeing now, again in human history. Since the beginning of the new century we are in, the 21st century we have seen and are now seeing the way America is about to change for the worst with the election of Trump. The way to Trump’s ascension to power was paved by George Bush Jr’s rigged election and then Obama’s complicity to the powers that be on Wall Street. This rigged system has probably been going on for even a longer time than we can imagine, perhaps back to the beginning of the 20th century or the end of the 19th century. So say it has been like this even back to the founding of the country. From what I’ve been able to read it seems so. The Sinister forces are always here. Nothing changes in politics, basically, except the way lies have been perfected and will be perfected even more with new technologies to sway the masses into absurdity, into complicity, into an illusory vision of nothing real, only staged events. The new game of lies has already begun. The game has always been the game of illusion and promises, just as it has always been played, but now, with new technologies, the illusion is really getting very, very good! We always hear the promises for a better world. It won’t happen.

Leaders have been saying that and promising a better world for an eternity of time, so to speak. Well, when will the People wake up and realize it will never happen! Unless the People take control, the same con game will continue into eternity because the People never really do anything about it to change it and keep the Power in the hands of the People, not the “leaders”. I guess the People love the con game. Real change, not change that Obama said would happen, will not happen in my lifetime, for sure and, probably, for thousands of lifetimes into the future. Do you care? I do but I’m beginning not to, anymore. It’s not worth my sanity anymore to try to change anything in this world because the game is rigged. And it is not rigged in the favor of everyone on the planet as we clearly know.

Spiritual regression is back in vogue again!

A new era and a new style of McCarthyism and Fascism is about to emerge. Is it too late? Soon many of us will be on a list, many already are. Sites with lists of targeted people or groups have already appeared. Snowden and Assange are the most world famous targets on this list! Preparation to target alternative groups, alternative media and alternative ideas are slowly appearing. A tyrannical way of life seems to be on its way. It’s called the New World Order. The final stages of the New World Order are being put into place. Preparation for the dark times of America and, maybe the world, too, seem to be taking place. No one will escape. Hitler’s game in the 30s and 40s will seem like a kindergarten teacher’s game, compared to what may be in store for all of us.

I hope I am totally wrong. I hope I am just a paranoid fool!

I hope that real values and real non-material, non-religious, spiritual wealth can tip the scales to return us to a world that is worth living in. As it is now, it is not worth it anymore to believe and trust this world, at all. At this time, I see no hope of America becoming great again, in the way that it was supposed to be. America never really achieved real greatness. It was supposed to be a shining example, instead, it has become, as a whole, a shining example of what is worst in this world. The world is run by criminals. I am not saying that everyone in the U.S. has lost the eternal values like Truth, Goodness, Beauty, Liberty, Equality and Justice nor am I saying that the people there who want America to be great again in a real spiritual, non-religious, universal way have given up. No. What I am saying is that at this time America will not be great again in the way the followers of Trump want it o be nor will the Democratic Party be any great inspiration for a better world either. Both parties, the Republicans and the Democrats and the system of government there, for a very long time, perhaps since the end of the 19th century, has been bought, paid for, and run by the few, especially, by the corporations. That is not the America that was supposed to have developed. Americans have an illusion of government and freedom in America. The reality is that the level of corruption and of materialism is so great now in America that it will be an extremely hard road ahead to bring back the majority of the people to eternal spiritual, non-religious, values that are and have been disappearing quickly since I was born in 1951.

Will a revolution in consciousness be a reality? Is America now at the beginning of a journey to eventual self-destruction?

September 21, 2017 update: Capitalism: The Nightmare

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