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This is not just a film, it is a work of art, emotion, splendor and the beauty and tragedy of life on this our planet in all the varieties of peoples, languages and customs. Each scene of far off places will take your breath away. The soundtrack adds such depth and majesty to the human experience.

It is, also, a very deep and profound look into the lives of the very, very poor, the wretched, and the miserable, not only with words spoken by individuals from every imaginable country telling his or her own experience but, also, with the almost astounding visual spectacle of distant places of poverty and the struggle to survive. This video speaks not only through the words of these individuals, interviewed in various languages, but in its photographic mastery that captures life as it is on this planet for the vast majority who are barely surviving.

In the last scenes, where we see the so-called great cities of the first world, we realize what we, as humans that are surviving and are able to live in material comfort, have become: machines in a machine world with machine men and machine women.

What the world needs more than ever is to wake up and see what the human masters are doing to this planet. They have created and we have allowed it through our ignorance and unconsciousness, a world mostly separate from and devoid of real contact with nature. Isn’t it any wonder that people are not really awake as to the forthcoming disaster that stands before us if these masters of humanity do not change drastically what is happening or if we allow it to happen through our silence and inaction.

This world is abundant but the few who are amassing and have amassed the vast majority of the wealth of this planet are in reality mostly very, very poor as human beings. We haven’t been intelligent enough to create a world of abundance, prosperity, health, true education, contentment and a truly pollution-free environment.

We have the power to change.

Are we going to change?

One possible solution: With all the wealth in the world, surely all countries could contribute a percentage of each country’s wealth toward each and every human being on the planet having a minimum, dignified monthly income so that basic needs, like decent, natural food, dignified housing, free authentic healthcare, free authentic education and basic clothing are covered. Each human being, if they want more than that would work to increase their wealth beyond their minimum income. This would make for a better world and, hopefully, would end poverty and promote simple living. It would give everyone an equal chance to make their lives even better if they should choose to do so.

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