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Tell Me Where

What would you do to gain access to knowledge
prohibited by the few who control everything.

What sacrifices would you make, to find the
answers to your deeper questions about life?

How far would you go?

Where would you go?

What would you do?

If you can’t answer these questions, what are you doing?

Are you serious about your life?

The film, Yentl, was made before its time.

It is a glimpse into the future of possibilities
never, ever considered in former times.

Now, it is being questioned and examined and new ways of
thinking and being are emerging into the light as never before.

What changes will we see to the world we know in years ahead?

Will humanity even be here in the next century?

And beyond?

+ + +

 A Piece Of Sky

Tell me where
Where is it written
What is it I meant to be?
That I can’t dare…
It all began the day I found..
That from my window I could only see
A piece of sky.
I stepped outside and looked around.
I never dreamed it was so wide
Or even half as high.
The time had come
(Papa, can you hear me?)
To try my wings
(Papa, are you near me?)
And even though it seemed at any moment I could fall,
I felt the most,
(Papa, can you see me?)
Amazing things,
(Can you understand me?)
The things you can’t imagine
if you’ve never flown at all.
Though it’s safer to stay on the ground,
Sometimes where danger lies
There the sweetest of pleasures are found.
No matter where I go,
There’ll be memories that tug at my sleeve,
But there will also be
More to question, yet more to believe…
Oh tell me where?
Where is the someone who will turn and look at me?
And want to share
My ev’ry sweet-imagined possibility?
The more I live – the more I learn.
The more I learn – the more I realize
The less I know.
Each step I take –
(Papa, I’ve a voice now!) Each page I turn –
(Papa, I’ve a choice now!) Each mile I travel only means
The more I have to go.
What’s wrong with wanting more?
If you can fly – then soar!
With all there is – why settle for
just a piece of sky?
Papa, I can hear you…
Papa, I can see you…
Papa, I can feel you…
Papa, watch me fly!

+ + +

Papa, Can You Hear Me


Oh God-our heavenly Father.
Oh, God-and my father
Who is also in heaven.
May the light of this
Flickering candle
Illuminate the night the way
Your spirit illuminates my soul.
+ + +
Papa, can you hear me?
Papa, can you see me?
Papa can you find me in the night?
Papa are you near me?
Papa, can you hear me?
Papa, can you help me not be frightened?
Looking at the skies I seem to see
A million eyes which ones are yours?
Where are you now that yesterday
Has waved goodbye
And closed its doors?
The night is so much darker;
The wind is so much colder;
The world I see is so much bigger
Now that I’m alone.
Papa, please forgive me.
Try to understand me;
Papa, don’t you know I had no choice?
Can you hear me praying,
Anything I’m saying
Even though the night is filled with voices?
I remember everything you taught me
Every book I’ve ever read…
Can all the words in all the books
Help me to face what lies ahead?
The trees are so much taller
And I feel so much smaller;
The moon is twice as lonely
And the stars are half as bright…
Papa, how I love you…
Papa, how I need you.
Papa, how I miss you
Kissing me good night…

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