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The Song of Bernadette

The film, The Song of Bernadette, is the beautiful story of a simple peasant girl in 1850s France near the Spanish border who, one day, sees a lady, a beautiful lady, in the most curious of places. The lady asks Bernadette to come back for 15 more days which she does, faithfully. The story of Bernadette became well-known at that time and spread like a wild fire throughout France. Around 80 years later, Franz Werfel, the author of the book on which the film was based, was escaping the Nazis in Europe during World War II when, by chance, he happened to find himself in the little town of Lourdes in southern France where the visions had occurred. He made a promise, then and there that, should he should escape the Nazis and get to America, he would tell the story of the little visionary. Well, he escaped, and he kept his promise. Soon after he arrived in the United States, he published his book, The Song of Bernadette, in 1941. Soon afterwards, in 1943, the film, by the same name, was released to the public.

The original film is, especially, worth watching because it has one of the most magnificent soundtracks ever composed for a film. You will surely be impressed by it and by its wonderful, wonderful story of faith, not religious faith, as you may think, when you watch the film, but a faith in oneself and one’s vision, despite all obstacles, and despite all unbelief. It is, also, a real story of genuine simplicity and extreme poverty, but it is, also, a story, truly, of unseen beauty and unseen splendor.

The short video, that follows below, is a tender and passionate tribute to Bernadette’s inner beauty, and, her inner splendor. The original 1943 film imparts, to those sensitive beings, who see beyond the scenery and the actors on the screen in the film, a very special experience, which few films can evoke. The Song of Bernadette is, also, an allegory about this invisible beauty and invisible splendor that very few have experienced, but yet, the arts, in a film such as this, can portray and assist the viewer to have the closest possible experience that Bernadette must have had and felt in 1858. The original soundtrack in the original film will take you to heights of heartfelt, spiritual grandeur, magnificence and majesty. It will transport you, also, back to the mundane, the average world and the average experience that most live through their whole lives.

The video, to follow, uses another composer’s music for its background, but, nevertheless, it captures the absolute essence of what the film is about in just a few scenes. It is a veritable work of art, condensed in a little over two minutes, not an easy feat by any means.

Bernadette’s life was, in no way, an easy life, that’s for sure. One can hardly imagine how she suffered terribly. Only those who have gone through such suffering could ever truly know. The film portrays the young girl amidst the poverty she experienced at that time and how she tried to live it as beautifully as possible as so few could do in the 19th century. That she was born into that world is bad enough, but, for her, it was even terribly, more painful. It was, also, that way for many who were born into that reality at that time. That world, where she was, was, especially, tragic for Bernadette because she suffered immeasurably from various physical ailments, due to the reality of having been born, not only into extremely degrading poverty but, also, at a time when medicine had many limitations. Her vision, her insight, and her soul, transcended that reality, so, she was capable of envisioning “a lady” so beautiful, and so resplendent, that, finally, when “the lady” revealed her name, she knew and understood deeply, a truth few understand. And, even today, few really understand it.

At the last apparition, when Bernadette asked the lady for her name, in the vision, as Bernadette described it, she said: “I am the Immaculate Conception.”

Immaculate conception!

Two words, two powerful and profound meanings, combined into a single idea, and, into a single entity. The story would have you believe that she didn’t know what that revelation meant, however, in my opinion, she did. She fully understood. She just could not reveal an inner truth to people in the 19th century. Anyone who knows history, knows what people were capable of, especially then. Even now, new revelations are never received easily. People die brutally for speaking truth.

Physical beauty exists in this world, and is very common, however, true, inner beauty, as portrayed in this film, is that which is a very rare jewel indeed, rarely seen and rarely felt. It does not come very often; that, is for certain. One must see this film to know that inner beauty, that real inner beauty that cannot be seen but can only be expressed, especially, by that special person that receives that gift and, also, by how that person is, in real life. If a person is very beautiful physically and does not have true inner beauty, then something truly magnificent is missing.

In the original soundtrack of the film, by the great composer, Alfred Newman, his ability to compose, through music, an unforgettable effect of wonder, emotion, and beauty, will affect you to such a degree, that, maybe, you will never, ever forget it and your experience of it.

The contemporary video trailer, without subtitles, is by the YouTube author, gonch28. The soundtrack composition used is entitled Everywhere which is from the 1995 film Powder. Key scenes, from the original film, The Song of Bernadette [1943], express, in a short two minutes, the essence and power of Bernadette’s real life story.

Note: The video, to follow, is the same video mentioned above. The only difference is that I added subtitles to it. I did not create the original video nor do I claim ownership of this video. It is used here under the Fair Use Act for educational purpose.

Important: I have added subtitles, in English, to the original video described above in the note, for your understanding.

The video is used under the Fair Use Act for teaching purposes for students of English who need help in understanding by being able to visually see the words and to train their ear for pronunciation and to know the spelling of the words for understanding and learning new vocabulary.

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