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Woman in Gold

In the film, Woman In Gold, Helen Mirren, an English actress, plays Maria Altman, an Austrian woman who currently resides in Los Angeles. This is Maria’s true heroic story of how she escaped Germany as the Nazis took power and began the mass persecution of the Jews. It is about an absolutely stunning and beautiful painting of Maria’s aunt. It was painted in oil, silver and gold by Gustav Klimt and is the focus of the film.

Maria, with the help of her young lawyer, Randol (Randy) Schoenberg, played by Ryan Reynolds, works to reclaim the painting that the Nazis had confiscated from her family as a possession of the Nazi regime. The story is how she and her lawyer battled the Austrian government. It is a poignant look at how two people, both descendants of Austrians, worked together to reclaim Maria’s family’s possession. The Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, as it was originally named, is also known as the Woman in Gold, as the Nazis called it, to hide the fact that the subject of the painting was a Jewess.

By the way, the musical score of this film is outstanding.

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