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Corporate Language

Bullshitting 101

When it comes to pouring out the bullshit, corporations have perfected it to more than an art; it’s become a veritable con-game, just what the good ol’ corporate U.S. of A. has become very proficient at doing. By the way, the U.S. of A., in this context, means, the United States of Assholes! I’m not speaking of the people of the U.S.A., in general, at all. I’m speaking, specifically, about the government and the corporations united together as one entity against the mass of U.S. citizens who have virtually no power anymore. Perhaps, the mass of people never really did have much power anyway and that may have been the intention of these two institutions to do since the founding of the country. Some say it was the intention, i.e., to create more and more for power for the few and less and less for the “mass” of people ever since the beginning.

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