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Equal Opportunity



Equal opportunity was, has been, and always will be an illusion on this planet unless their is a general awakening along the way and all people really begin to care for one another in a meaningful way.

I doubt it!

The game, on this planet, always was, has been and still is to beat down your competition, in any way one can, within the “rules”, of course! We learn quickly, in this world, that rules can always be bent, if not broken, just like the law, especially, at the higher levels of society.

It is said, life is not fair. It’s true, perhaps, for people without money and/or influence, up to a point, however, money surely helps for those who want to win life’s game! The dominator will dominate, the conquerer will conquer and, as always, it helps to have friends, with money, in high places, too.

This is reality, on this really, lovely planet, made even more beautiful by humanity, as we can clearly see all over the world!

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