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How To Be, First, Do, Second & Have, last.

1. There is no past, there is no future. They don’t exist, except in the mind, so, remain here, present, wherever you are, always in the present. Be present in mind, soul and, especially, heart.

2. The time is always now, except when you forget when and where you are! Remember, be here and now.

3. Wake up at the moment you can, when you are not here, when you are not in the now and return to the present, because, the only real time is now. Another time does not exist! Time is only an experience, an illusion. The past is gone, and the future is our hopes and/or desires.

4. Go forward in the direction of your dreams. Learn and do only what is necessary to get to the goal you desire. Move forward and be, always, in the now.

5. After you achieve your goal, keep going. Have new goals and new directions, no matter how small.

6. Life always leads the way. Time will tell you when you arrive at your destination, and experience, along the way, will give you the tools, so that you have what you need to accomplish the tasks you need to accomplish, no matter how small.

7. Life is a form of energy since it is that which moves our physical being. Since energy, according to science, can neither be created nor destroyed but only transformed, you are on an eternal form of energy. When your body falls apart and disintegrates, the energy will continue to be somewhere, just like all energy! Energy is all that is or ever existed, in essence. Everything is composed of an energy in different and varied forms. So, you, as a form of localized energy, are an eternal being, not your outer, physical body, but you, the real you, a force of energy, inwardly, that is here in an outer form, animated by a life force. Your body is not who you are. It is a personality (Latin persōna mask, character), a form of a mask. It can reflect who you are internally but only as a temporary, physical being. Your inner being, a localized part of the eternal life force in you is always here, despite the outer appearances and despite a specific location where you are physically. “Here” is the temporary, outer, physical location wherever you are physically, even if you happen to be on another planet in a far, far, far away galaxy. You will always, in this physical life, perceive it as “here” and not “there”.  Our body is part of the outer, visible world which is a temporary illusion that we experience as “real” life.

Do you know where you are going on this journey called life?


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