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What Does School Really Teach Us

1. Truth comes from authority.

2. Intelligence is the ability to remember and repeat.

3. Accurate memory and repetition are rewarded.

4. Non-compliance is punished.

5. Conform: intellectually and socially.

Source: What Does School Really Teach Children?

It, [also], teaches us:
1. [T]o be modern slaves of the corporate world[.]
2. [T]o learn things by rote memory[.]
3. [T]o forget a majority of what you’ve learned once you’re done an exam[ ](making the entire process a waste)[.]
4. [T]hat authority will always side with each other[.]
5. [T]o dislike the subjects we would normally have an interest in[.]
6. [T]o follow what a piece of paper says and apply it to the rest of our lives.
Source: Alfred Gatsby

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