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At the Mountaintop!

Mr. King died for what he believed in. What he believed in was for his people, specifically at the time he was alive, but his message went beyond that. He was, as all great leaders are and have been throughout history, universal. His message was for everyone, everywhere, at all times to come. His anger and his frustration with the U.S., at that time, shows in this video and rightly so!

Mr. King paid the full price anyone could pay for real justice in this world. His universal message left a legacy of the fact that, in reality, all people, all races, whether male or female, gay or straight, rich or poor and everything and everyone in between have the right to simply be in this world. Everyone’s birth into this physical existence automatically gives everyone a right to be who they are, not what outer authority says they are permitted to be. Everyone has a right to exist! The only exception to this statement would be for those people who want to impose themselves on others or to harm or kill anyone just because they do not agree with the common thinking of their time. No one has that right to deny anyone to be! That is especially true of political, religious, corporate or any other type of leader(s) who wants to impose any law, any dogma, any contract or any other so-called document that would, otherwise, allow that to be done to anyone.

The Golden Rule must always be applicable to all people everywhere! Indeed, it is the only obligation anyone in a sane world should have.

As Max Ehrmann stated: “You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars: you have a right to be here.”

Always remember, whoever you are, that you have a right to be here! Do not allow others to impose or rule over your life and your world! Do the same for others, also.

It’s time the U.S. stopped being the Dominator of all dominators and for it to begin to enter the world as an equal with all other countries, not as a country superior to everyone else. All countries have a right to be sovereign, just as people do. No country or group should rule over anyone, ever.

The U.S. should stop thinking of itself as the Great Exception or Exceptional as they call it. That is absurd! The U.S. has given the world much and still does. But it has, also, taken very much, too, just like most of the so-called First World countries.

The U.S. says it is democratic, it says it wants to promote peace, it says it wants to promote freedom, but for whom and where? It doesn’t appear that freedom or democracy is what they want at all. I am not speaking of all American citizens. I am only speaking of a system, as it currently is, in the U.S., which says one thing and, then, does the opposite. It’s time the American government and system got off the backs of its own people and stopped exploiting the vast majority in the U.S. and in most of the world. Life is not just about money! Life is not just about the imitation of the worst of values. Looks, physical perfection, materialism, superficiality and being cool just because it’s cool to be cool is empty. How empty can life get with those values. Life is not about exploitation and deception just to make a buck. Life is not about creating mindless consumers. Life is not about authoritarian control and teaching impressionable minds, through education, not to really think or to make waves. Also, life is not just about the U.S. and its way of life which is based, mostly, on what you have, who your friends are and, in an artificial way, appearances. It’s time the U.S. does what its constitution says. It’s time the U.S. stop being the Great Exploiter along with Europe and the rest of the powerful First World nations, mostly in the Northern Hemisphere. Most of the seriously exploited nations, the so-called “Third World” nations, happen to be in the Southern Hemispere. No matter where the exploited nations are, however, the Exploiters have to stop robbing the Third World countries which, usually, are tropical and very rich in resources. They have to stop stripping these countries of most of their natural wealth as if it belonged to the U.S. and its criminal First World thieves. Many times the corrupt and venal leaders of these Third World exploited countries are complicit in this exploitation. And guess who really backs these Third World corrupt “leaders”? Just follow the money. Along with these complicit criminal “leaders” are the criminal political “gangs”, called parties, running the bureaucratic money machine vacuums in most of the world, at large, including the First World countries. Politicians, in general, always pose as decent and honest men or women in order to win the hearts of the unsuspecting public who believe them because to do otherwise would be unthinkable! It is obvious, now, more than ever, that the richest countries in the world, mostly, have used the wealth from Third World countries to create the wealth of the First World at the expense of the unsuspecting people of the Third World.

Humanity has always exploited and, probably, always will exploit the masses of people who just want to live and live in peace. Peaceful, simple, good and honest people are an easy target always. They are easily exploited by the pathological Dominators of this world. The world of the Dominators always speaks the language of hope openly so they are approved of by the majority but their actions prove to be the opposite. Just observe the Natural World compared to human creation. Nature is not poor. It’s quite the opposite. It’s abundant and can produce even more abundantly when humanity gently guides her. However, that is not the case with humans. Reality, as it is, proves the opposite. Currently, humanity greedily gets as much as it can from Nature through rape, violence and toxification, not only of the natural world, but of all humanity, too, through the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Legally prescribed drugs have a stranglehold on the vast majority by promising to cure but never really doing that. By not curing or really looking for cures most become addicted, whether mentally or physically and most who fall for their promises of health never really achieve it. Most are told that they will need to take their drugs for the rest of their lives. The leaders of this world are, and have created, a world of exploitation under the guise of peaceful, generous, and humane human beings. That’s the most surprising element of this world we live in. The leaders even act, in a charade of posing as diplomatic, kind and thoughtful but it is mostly a facade to dupe the hypnotized and controlled masses into thinking that the leaders are actually doing what is just and right. Since when has this world ever been just and right, as a whole? “Leaders” will only do what is just and right if it means getting the results that the super elite, the super strong corporations and the political puppets have in mind so that most of the wealth of this world goes to the very top of the Dominators’ world. This is the world we live in and it has always been this way in one way or another. The outer form of everything in this world will change but the inner of the world, as a whole, is another thing.

The New World, especially the Americas, is just the exact opposite of what it was supposed to be and what was envisioned. Utopia is an ideal that can never be reached is what these Dominators say and it is what they want us to believe. It is true that Utopia, or perfection, is a journey and not a destination. But shouldn’t we  already be on that path towards a better world? Current world events show the exact opposite if you are paying attention. It’s not about the outer world that has changed but the inner world I am referring to which is, actually, even worse that ever before in history. Now, we can literally destroy all of humanity and everything on it. That is what appears to be going on now in slow motion. However, we can do it very quickly now with a few modern mega-atomic bombs now. We are now in a world that is so deeply disturbing. The vast majority of people are on some type of medication, in one form or another and for one reason or another. The world is being drugged and intoxicated. Could it be to conform to the darker forces at work on a worldwide level now?

The Americas were called the New World. The reality is that the New World never was and, probably, will never be, as long as we have the same exact types of “leaders”, generation after generation who really never, ever, do anything of real value. Most of what we do have, as “leaders”, are mediocre at best, even in the U.S., the supposed richest country in the history of the world, most are mediocre! How can any country say it is the richest country in the history in the world with so many in desperate need in the U.S.? What was supposed to be the New World in the Americas is just a continuation of the Old World. Nothing has changed, at all. The outer world has changed, for sure, the world of appearances, but not the inner world, especially, the inner world of the few. These few have never left the Old World mentally and, probably, never will, of course, unless the People of the world begin to become non-participants in this world-wide system and scheme that threw them overboard a long, long, long time ago. In fact, the People as a whole were never even considered passengers on the ship of the Dominators who sail across the ocean of people and never consider this ocean as anything but a means to their end. The world is just for the few. This is the way it has always been. Mostly, the few are sociopaths and/or psychopaths. They look at ordinary people as something beneath them and not to be considered, unless, of course, they have some usefulness for their own ends and, never, of course, for the majority. The few people in this world who are selected as possible new “leaders”, especially, since the time of modern “democratic” elections, whether these “leaders” are from wealth or not, are selected for being who they are, usually, because they are sociopaths and/or psychopaths. These selected leaders just “float” to the surface of life and become visible to the real Dominators of the world. Then, these selected leaders, like natural scum on the surface of placid, clear, pure water, are used by the Dominators to obtain their ends and to further their goals of power and control.

Observe the conditions of the majority in this world and see the daily struggle, if not, the daily fight to survive. Only the very, very, very few are the exceptions to this struggle. Scarcity is what the few at the top inculcate into the minds of the vast majority into believing. However, by observing Nature, in its pure form, the observable reality is another. It is quite the opposite!

Nature, as well as everyone on this planet and all the creatures here, will only be able to withstand so much abuse. The abuse, in this world, is now palpable. It’s in the air and everywhere we go, only it is unseen now. We are beginning to see the very collapse of Mother Nature. The few at the top of the food chain, however, are exempt from any real suffering in this world. The suffering of the few, if they do suffer, is without any basis in any reality the average person knows and, so, if they do suffer, it is because of their own nature and their own doing. Abuse on this planet has become unbearable. Sooner or later, Nature will collapse from overuse, exhaustion, toxicity and general cruelty. The time is coming when things will change and even the Dominators will not be able to do anything, unless, though, if they have an escape plan from this world! More than likely, they already do have an escape plan! They’re not that stupid! They will just take their abuse into outer space and spread their evil, unless, the Universe stops them. However, the Universe will catch up to them, eventually, and justice will be served! It always has and always will! There is no doubt! Science states clearly: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” It is the law and it is the only law we can really count on in this world as a real means of justice. There will be a reaction from the very physical world that the few have abused, now, to death.

At my alma mater, Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., in the Intercultural Center (ICC), there is an inscription:

The age of nations is past. It remains for us, now, if we do not wish to perish, to set aside ancient prejudices and build the Earth.
–Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. S.J.

Unless humanity awakens, and awakens very soon, en masse, to rebuild and sustain Mother Nature, when she does return home from her long journey away and sees what her children have done to her home, Planet Earth, she will react and do what all mothers do when her children misbehave. I, personally, hope I am not here when she, finally, does come home.

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