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Capitalism Will Eat Democracy Up!

Capitalism, as it is currently, is totally incompatible with democracy. There is no democracy, once you enter the corporate world. It is a CEO dictatorship run to satisfy only the investors and shareholders. The worker is merely a wage slave and can be eliminated when no longer needed, especially, if they want a fair wage. Eventually, capitalists will just move on to another place or another country for cheaper labor. Consequences for the former employees and for the natural environment are of no concern for the capitalist. It’s not part of the system to be concerned if they destroy the environment and the people living in that area where they were once employed.

Capitalism is based, basically, on the vile maxim of the masters of mankind:

All for ourselves and nothing for other people . . . ”

– Smith, Adam, The Wealth of Nations, New York, NY: The Modern Library, 1994, Print.
Book III, Chapter IV, page 444

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