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Paradise or Oblivion – The Documentary



Jacques Fresco, an American futurist and a self-described social engineer, was a visionary thinker and a true friend of humanity and the natural environment. He recently died at the age of 101 on May 18, 2017.* He was and will not be the only one who really thought of a better world, not only for all of humanity but for the natural environment as well. It’s time to change our world and ourselves. Governments, leaders and corporations are not going to change a damn thing unless there is a major shift in the consciousness of the vast majority of everyday citizens. The majority must refuse to continue on the path that the world is heading for, self-destruction.

Currently, it appears that most governments of this world, the super, super wealthy powers behind governments, most of the major multi-national corporations and the shadow governments, especially the shadow government of the U.S., all in unison, control this world’s reality and do not want the vision of a better and sustainable world to be realized. It’s obvious, so obvious even a child, observing our world know that the world, as it is now, is absolutely insane. We used to say the world is or was crazy. Now, it is beyond that. It is possible, as portrayed in this video, if ego and selfishness were not part of the norm to change our world. Until the time that the majority of humanity rejects and stops supporting systems such as we have currently, whether capitalist, socialist or communism, and truly change to create a better world, then maybe, maybe the world will be able to change for the better and survive. For the first time in the history of the world, as the world stands at the precipice of self-destruction, it is more crucial than ever to change as soon as possible, business as usual. We cannot afford to conduct business as usual anymore. If not, then what is the future likely to be? Paradise or oblivion?

That is the question that must be answered soon, very soon, as a matter of fact! Is anything being really done to do this?

*Source: Jacque Fresco

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