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The Days of Wine and Roses

The famous melancholic title song opens the film and lets us know that memories, even of difficult times of past events, can seem romantic and rosy, sometimes, but the reality of what has happened to us, may not always be what we expected in life. In the film, two people meet and fall in love, very much in love. Slowly, we see how a seemingly little thing, which is unnoticeable, at first, yet, it creeps into their lives scene by scene. It is a thing called, alcohol which takes over their lives completely, as only this beverage can do, for the unlucky few. The two protagonists are nearly destroyed by it because they do not have the ability to control it. One of the lovers survives the ordeal and is able to overcome the sickness known as alcoholism but it is left for us to think about what happens to the one who just can’t overcome it at the close of the film, at least, maybe, not yet. What will be the fate of that one? Their love is still deep, despite the horrendous things they go through, but, at the end, the life of the one who cannot do without a drink will have to change if their love is going to survive.  Will it be easy?  Will their love survive, too?

The film won the Academy Award for Best Original Song, 1962.


Details of the film.

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