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We Are Each A Perfect Concept!

We are each a perfect idea in the Mind of the Infinite Universe when we come into this world, a perfect concept with a purpose for our life. It does not matter what physical qualities or defects we have or what talents we have or don’t have. We are perfect as we are but we need to have experience and develop what little we have, hopefully, for the good of all.

Soon after birth, the process of indoctrination and programming begins from early on in our learning in this world. Usually, our learning is to leave our inner world of imagination and creativity completely and begin to accept external authority, external power and external control. The outer physical world trains us soon to look away from the true and real treasures within, i.e., the very inner knowledge to know and be our true identity. We turn toward what the world calls happiness and success, the true illusion, not true reality. The media and society take control. Few escape.

As the drop of ocean water is the Ocean of Life and the Ocean of Life is the drop, so is each individual born into this world. This physical world, because it is the physical world, soon begins the work to put each newborn babe to sleep as soon as it can, so that this physical world can use each one’s force or power for its own ends. The world does this very well indeed. It is the highest form of psychic and mind control.

Many, many people never awaken to their true, eternal reality as it is and can be observed from within. A few, naturally, do maintain an inner life but the vast majority don’t. Those who do not awaken will never know who they truly are because they are not taught how to think and cannot think because of indoctrination in contemporary education.  Most cannot think because they are not taught how to think. This world through “education”, which is really indoctrination, wants to do just that, indoctrinate. It wants to propagate obedient servants for the system which prepares most to be obedient workers. Modern “education” destroys true individuality in most people.

People everywhere have been and are put to sleep psychically and mentally to serve the purposes of the mighty few in this world who feed off the energy of the sleeping ones. The awakened ones, also, have no purpose because if society, at large, allowed awakened beings to voice openly and freely their opinions through the controlled media, people would learn to awaken in large numbers. The powers of this world do not and will not put up any longer with truth. They never have and they never will. Get used to it because the world is not going to change! At least, not for a very, very, very long time.

Remember this, you are a perfect idea and concept in the Mind of the Universe. Imitation is always suicide. Everyone needs to find their true self, not the manufactured self created by the world through education and the media but the true inner self which only each individual can do by unlearning, unthinking and undoing all that the external world has imposed on each human being born into this world. The Force that beats each one’s heart comes from a Source somewhere. What is beating you heart? What is causing you to be alive? Who are you? Do you know? Are you going to find out?

I think Bernadette knew exactly who she was at the time of her visions! However, her revelation of what she learned in her vision caused her to be sent away to a convent instead of being able to live in the world as she would have liked. She knew, also, that she needed to sacrifice herself because her life could have or would have been even worse in the hand of psychiatrists or the police if they had taken a hold of her. She had no choice in her life but to obey and be hidden away by the Catholic Church until she died a few years later in the convent after a very hard life. Her life’s story is not about the horror she had to face but the strength she needed to cling to in order to survive. Such was the fate of an awakened young lady. Such is the fate of all who awake! Great suffering is the price! If the world can use an awakened being as a source of revenue then it will take advantage of the situation. However, if there is no use for that person, they are left to die alone or they are killed outright by the system if they make too much noise and reveal too much truth. People, in general, do not want to hear the nude and crude truth about this world.

The only solution to this egotistical world is for more and more to awaken. Millions, if they do awaken, eventually, will begin the task of unmasking the reality of this world wholesale. It seems that it is happening now, especially, since the dawn of the Internet. We are living this unmasking now. This is the time called the Apocalypse*, which means the unveiling. We are experiencing it now. How long will this window of opportunity last until awakened people are silenced again? It already appears that the transition to a world government has been happening for the last 40 to 50 years or so and will continue until The New World Order, almost firmly established, has been completed. It’s a matter of time now before we will know, without a doubt, that the world has been taken over by the worst of humanity. The signs are already here that it has. One can already see that the total takeover is almost complete. There is little time now before we will all know for sure that this criminal world will be the future, principally, because the majority of good people stand by and do nothing!

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*Middle English Apocalipse, from Late Latin Apocalypsis, from Greek apokalupsis, revelation, Apocalypse, from apokaluptein, to uncover : apo-, apo- + kaluptein, to cover; see   kel-  in   Indo-European roots. [ www.thefreedictionary.com/apocalypse ]

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