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“Why Watch A Horror Film When You Can Watch A Davos Panel”

This quote: “Why Watch A Horror Film When You Can Watch A Davos Panel” is spoken by the narrator at the end of the video! It’s perfect! What is spoken about at the World Economic Forum 2016 is so unbelievable. “New” technologies for monitoring and “listening” to a person’s mind are being considered for the future. This type of technology will be the dream of future tyrants in about ten years who will be able to totally control and  monitor the minds of people. Of course, this technology will NEVER be used to control and monitor the tyrants! What do you think?

How low in consciousness can humanity continue to fall?

Apparently, there is no thought, at all, as to how low in consciousness that humanity, especially, the scientists and so-called “intellectual” leaders can go! I’m not speaking of all scientists or leaders, only those who are even considering this type of technology in order to virtually control our “freedom of thought and speech”. Surely, we must speak about this. Absolutely! But, the idea that humanity is even considering this is proof of how low we aim. Why is this new technology even being considered at all? Why would humanity do this to itself or even allow it to be done to itself? Just because it can be done does not mean it should be done. However, it will be done!

This technology is coming, for sure, even if it is publicly banned. Criminals and criminal minds will always either develop this kind of technology or get hold of it and use it anyway so it will have to be used as a defense mechanism.

Humanity, not all, but many will think: WOW, this is cool! Many young kids just love war game videos! They’re huge sellers and there is a lot of money in this type of video games. This is just the way it is, the way of this world. War and killing is normal in this world.

How asleep can humanity be to actually even consider technology like this?

Think about it!

Like all evil things in this world, what is applied to others will soon be applied to themselves. This new technology will be another tool in the vast arsenal of arms in this world that always says: “We Want Peace” but never, ever actually works toward that end. Not really. The world that these intellectual leaders are considering will be their own undoing, eventually. This world will, eventually, self-destruct because that is the path this world is taking more and more. The web of lies, deceit, murder, control, and power is just how this world is. This world has always been about power and control over others. It never has been about power and control of its own being, as part of humanity’s own being and nature as one collective body of beings. Perhaps, it is because, at this time in the evolution of humanity’s vibration, its energy level is still at a very, very low, low resonance and, so, it cannot be helped.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of this year’s, 2018, World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland. What wonderful ideas and possibilities are the “leaders” and “intellectuals” contemplating now?

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