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    Whoever Controls The Narrative

    Whoever Controls The Narrative Controls The World. Watch the video on the C.F.R. contained in this video. If you don’t know what the C.F.R. is, see the description further down. https://ghionjournal.com/narrative-controls-the-world/ The Narrative = Official History (A country’s history, in this case). (What the powers want you to believe is reality through their information.) Whether it be Globo news or NBC news, whatever, they’re all in it together now, globally, to control the common narrative we have to believe in. Brazil’s 2018 elections, this year, should be extremely interesting. I think 2018 will be a memorable time in Brazil’s history. The presidential outcome, this year, for sure, will be a real surprise, it seems. It’s June and, of course, we still don’t know who the actual candidates really will be. We hear stories, sometimes, but who are the official candidates? We won’t know until around August. Here is some proof of how the world’s thinking, meaning the common people’s thinking, like you and me, is controlled. If anything, listen to the offical C.F.R. video inside the first video at the link above where Richard Stengel, former chief editor of Time Magazine speaks at a meeting at the Council for Foreign…

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    This Is What Dominator Countries Do

    The above article will give insight into what dominator countries, like the United States of America, have done, still do, and will always do if the present world system does not change and take a different direction towards The Age of Cooperation and World Democracy. The Age of Domination, Conquest and Forced Compliance should be and needs to be ended by the installation of a true, authentic world-wide democracy of nations. If ALL do not agree, one nation cannot just do what it wants. True democracy means that all must do the best for all concerned on this planet. There is a saying: “If it’s not good for all, then it’s NO good at all!” The age of slavery and domination is over, or is it? No, it’s not! It’s still alive in many different and varied forms. However, many just do not see or don’t want to see.

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    Who Is A Shithole?

    First of all, Mr. President, if anyone or any country is a shithole, it is you and dominators like you, Mr. Trump and the country you represent, not the average U.S. citizen. The U.S. government and the U.S. system has become just another country who continues the long tradition of exploitation in this world. There really are no free governments, there are no free countries and, for sure, there are no free  people that are free on this planet. Even Nature is in a prison now, exploited and worked to death. When will slavery really end? I doubt it ever will because that is the name of the game. The outer forms of hunan cultures will change but not the essence. That has been the very nature of humanity up to now. The few individual dominators and their families on the whole planet always seem to take much more than they give or share. How and why is that so? History has always shown that the world belongs to the dominators, the so-called “top dogs”, the 1%. For sure, they really are dogs! This will probably be the case for thousands of years to come until the masses awaken. Well,…