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    The World Is In Turmoil As Usual

    What Worries The World? Why can’t the world grow up, mature and blossom into a beautiful world, a beautiful planet? What is preventing the world from maturing into a higher state of being? Will it always be this way? Is the world committing mass suicide as we speak? It certainly seems so. The trends toward world fascism and, literally, technological dominance over every aspect of our lives, forebodes a darker future more and more. Brazil will elect a new leader, perhaps a dictator, perhaps a military coup will occur, perhaps both possibilities will join forces in order to establish order. But, will this new order be really beneficial? How many will die in this new “order”? Only time will tell now. In two days we will know if Brazil’s future is condemned to have more and more chaos and destruction. It seems it is the only way Brazil knows how to be. It’s not only that the U.S. died, at the beginning of this century, now, maybe, it will be Brazil, too. Change is needed but do we Brazilians need the ugly change that has occurred in the U.S., too? Perhaps, now, that same change is coming to Brazil. I…

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    In The Waiting Room For A Truly New World

    The few, among the many, in humanity have always called for the brotherhood and sisterhood of all and for a world of peace, cooperation, and goodwill towards each and everyone. However, the world hardly hears or listens and habits continue on as if nothing has changed. The way of the world, the Great Machine of the World Economy, is churning, turning, grinding and eating up the planet at every moment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with no rest ever. Never! The reality of this world has always been, basically, a world of the self-centered, selfish few, who present themselves as people just like you and me, i.e., kind, gentle, caring, concerned and helpful. However, the reality that has predominated over this world, over the many, and will continue to do so, is the opposite. Candidates, for office in high positions of power, have been, are and will be mostly mediocre people. Once again, there will be elections in many places and those selected “leaders” may be the ones that take us towards a collapse in the world economy or war or both, as always. We are at the absolute edge of the cliff…

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    This Is What Dominator Countries Do

    The above article will give insight into what dominator countries, like the United States of America, have done, still do, and will always do if the present world system does not change and take a different direction towards The Age of Cooperation and World Democracy. The Age of Domination, Conquest and Forced Compliance should be and needs to be ended by the installation of a true, authentic world-wide democracy of nations. If ALL do not agree, one nation cannot just do what it wants. True democracy means that all must do the best for all concerned on this planet. There is a saying: “If it’s not good for all, then it’s NO good at all!” The age of slavery and domination is over, or is it? No, it’s not! It’s still alive in many different and varied forms. However, many just do not see or don’t want to see.

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    Meet John Doe

    Meet John Doe, an ordinary guy who gets involved with an extraordinary newspaper woman. She gets a big idea that will move the whole country. This film reminds me of exactly what is happening now in 2015, yet, this film was made in 1941. We need  a John Doe movement, or something like it, to change America and bring it back to its roots as the founding fathers envisioned how America could and would be, great in ideals, great in humanitarian actions, not like it is today, arrogant, self-righteous, greedy, corrupt, lost and decadent.  I’m speaking as a whole because the American Dream is dying for many but there is still hope.  Will America awaken and realize its true mission, not to be the absolute power in the world by force and violence, but a light, a light shining on a hill, a beacon along with many other nations of the world so together the nations of the world will help uplift humanity and change the planet forever into a world where all nations and all people in a truly democratic planet will help each other to have a better world to live in that is all of humanity’s dream.…