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“Something Is Wrong Here”

What has been done to most of us and what we allow to be done to us, as a whole, continues to be done to most of humanity. This is the reality I observe and recognize in my own mind as real by seeing the planet as a whole through imperfect, limited vision. There is enough, however, to see in this world to arrive at this conclusion. This world, as I observe, is within a limited range of vibration or frequency of consciousness because what has been created on this planet is just not bearable, for me, to see anymore. I imagine it may be the same for many, however, not enough in order to alter this world significantly.

The suffering, caused by the outer influences of those in control, way above in the world of unlimited power, wealth and control, seems so unimaginable, however, unfortunately, it is very, very real. With close observation, using our senses and brain, especially, the sense of the heart and the sense of logic, do you think, for one moment, that this world, the way it is, is by chance?


For sure, partially, it is, because, obviously, the whole of humanity cannot be totally controlled. It can only be heavily influenced toward certain ends that earthly powers want in order to direct humanity’s movement towards a future of “better” possibilities. Yes, better possibilities for them, ultimately, but not for the mass herd of humanity, the cattle that must be prodded. We are the herd or the cattle to those in the stratosphere of power and control.

In my mind, I refuse to believe that this world is not manipulated. Of course, it is! Look at the horror show and the horrible things that people do, just to get ahead on this planet! Most of the horror is invisible unless you are near enough to hear and observe just how people speak and act. Instead of this world being a world of more love, peace and cooperation, which would be a very logical and, certainly, a better to way to be as a planet, humanity is, mostly, exactly the opposite. There are just too many egotistical, manipulative and controlling people on this planet, especially, and, for sure, in the halls of power throughout most every nation!

Everyone talks about democracy, especially in the U.S.! Has everyone gone insane? Who listens to the People? Are you kidding? Here in Brazil, there is a “governmental” campaign being promoted through the media to get people all over the country to give suggestions on what the country should do this next election in 2018? Are they out of their minds? Every Brazilian knows what needs to be done! So, why is this recent campaign even being considered? The government should already know! Year in and year out for all my years in Brazil do you think these “suggestions” will be listened to by the government? Everyone knows including government officials know what needs to be done. Brazil has been around now for 518 years! No one in power has ever really, really listened ever since the discovery of Brazil in 1500 by Pedro Cabral (Brazil’s Christopher Columbus). The government is going to listen now? You can ask every Brazilian and they will tell you that health, education and the economy, or work, is what is needed. Do you think the powers in government are going to listen. The powers in the U.S., too, do not want to listen, at all, especially, in the last 40 year or so. They never have really listend and they never ever will as long as the same system and same type of mediocre candidates obtain power. Government only wants to tell you what to do. In Brazil there will be a presidential election this year in 2018. In the U.S. there will be one in three years.

Democracy, mostly anywhere on this planet is a joke! No one in power wants democracy except for the powerful. To the earthly powers that be, this is all a shell game of keep the people fooled. fucked and asleep. Sorry, but the F word is very appropriate. Hypnotize the People and put them to sleep. That is the game for the Powers in relation to the mass of humanity.

In the U.S., the game is rather obvious now, especially, by the vocabulary use by those in positions of power where they can gain great wealth. These “special” people like to use a very special word. The word that one hears in the manipulative corporate and financial word and all associated with this world is “player”. Are you a “player”? To be a player is to be in the “game”. Their “game” is to get you into the game where you will lose, unless, of course, you get into the “club”. We know the kind of people in that “club”. Just observe the psychopaths and sociopaths that are there. Just observe and then, always, watch their actions. Words mean nothing to them. Words are for show in order to hypnotize, calm down and keep the masses of humanity guessing and waiting for a better world. It won’t happen. Forget it! The world will get better for the few but for the rest? Guess!

Because I’m still trying to unlearn the lies that were inculcated into me from an early age, for example, the words “freedom”, “democracy” and “justice”, I cannot imagine that these really, really exist or have existed in the past, in the present, at all, except for the very few. These are words for the dominators and manipulators only. That is their reality. For those who can gain such enormous wealth, those three words are their reality, however, it is not the reality for the average person in the average world, not at all.

Slavery, the authoritarian mindset and injustice at many levels are the reality for most of humanity, except for the few. Those in the stratosphere of wealth, for sure, are free and democratic with each other within their circle and are just, to a certain extent, when it useful and unjust when competitors or dissenters need to be dealt by using their knowledge that vibrates at the lowest level of consciousness. Those three words, freedom, democracy and justice are only for the wealthy and powerful who have unlimited access to unlimited wealth. The rest can, as they say: “Go fuck yourselves“, whether they literally say that openly or just think it, that is up to you to believe it or not. However, their actions always speak louder because year after year after year after year, the essence of this world does not change. It never will, don’t count on it. It will always be this way unless the GREAT MASS of HUMANITY, and I mean the GREAT MASS, have a MASS awakening and then do something about it. Otherwise, don’t wait for it; it’s never going to happen! NEVER!

The lie(s) of this world, when one begins awakening, is like coming out of a deep, deep, deep sleep and, then, seeing the real and true horror show behind the facade of the “civilization” of this world. One just cannot believe that what one observes is happening.

For the first time, in my life since I was born, I now see with new eyes what life really is, in my view. I do not put my faith, at all, in this world. In no way, do I want to be here on this planet anymore. It’s useless and it’s not worth the energy to do anything about it. It’s a losing game for “suckers”.

If, and I say IF, there were the possibility to leave this planet I would have done it many, many years ago. However, I could only do that after taking care of my mother before she died. She died in 2004. She was my last, real responsibility in this world. Now I’m free and waiting for death in order to be released from this imprisonment on Planet Insane Asylum.

If I could, I wouldn’t just leave this planet, I would leave the galaxy, too, because I no longer want to be in the same neighborhood of this planet and it’s foolishness. Humanity, as a whole, is just stupid. Don’t you think the world should have awakened by now? Especially, in this age of the Internet.

If I could leave the galaxy, I would go in search of a better place, if that were possible, until I the day I died. However, maybe, in this physical universe, at the level of vibration of consciousness here on this planet, perhaps, it is the same throughout this universe. Perhaps this universe is all at the lowest level of vibration. This planet can only be within a certain range of frequency or vibration and that frequency or vibration can only be at a low level, so, maybe the entire universe is similar. Maybe, just maybe, there is no better place, at all, anywhere in this universe. Similar to how there are many different radio stations, both AM and FM, that transmit at a limited range of frequency, perhaps, consciousness, here, is at the kind of range, therefore, maybe, the world as we observe it, is at an extremely low level of vibrational range.

Humanity’s reality, that we have all created together, whether consciously or not, has always been and, maybe, will always be at this very, very low level, as long as the majority accept the lie(s) and the deep hypnosis under which we all must live in, in general.

To get this world to change would be the work of a “god”, however, even “gods” probably would have no power or they won’t help, if they do exist.

I have given up on the possibility of any real change anymore because, even if there is a “God” with a capital ‘G’, why in the world would HE, this Super Being, have ever created a world like this. This certainly is not the work of an Intelligent, Loving and Higher Being, at all, in no way! This reality, if there is a “Great Architect”, is the work of an Idiot who likes Suffering, Pain, Torture and then, for the finishing touch of perfection, Death! There is definitely something wrong here.

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