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The World Is All About Control & Chaos!

The world is all about control and chaos despite what we are told. Chris Hedges, a former journalist for The New York Times, speaks, above, of the reality in The United States.

It’s also true of Brazil and, probably, most everywhere in the world. Leaders do not lead, they take orders from the real Powers of this planet behind all governments and nations. Wake up everyone! We do not really live in a free world. It is a prison planet. We all have owners at the very highest levels behind governments and everything else that exists in this world. There are a very, very few minority who are in control on this planet. The average People, the mass of the population of this world, outnumber them and really have the power but the vast majority do not know a thing about our common reality. Most everyone believes the world just happens to be the way it is because it is just that way. Wake up! We are all under various forms of mind control, one way or another, and we are led to believe we have no power. Just observe the media in all of its forms brainwashing us everyday to remove us from reality. Do you really think you are really free? Do you really think you have control over your own life? Think again. None of us, really, do. None of us are really free on this Prison Planet called Earth! The Earth is perfect. It’s the few in control of humanity and humanity, in general, who have always passively accepted the world we live in. The world is exactly the way it is because we all accept it. Wake up, people, the world can be changed but it will take a mass awakening to change it for the better so that the world works for all of us. Poverty was and continues to be created by the few to control the many. We, the People, can change that. We all need to awaken and then stop electing a criminal few who work for the real Power in this world, the few who think they can own and control us. They do, for now, as long as the People allow the world to be as it is.

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